June 10, 2009

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

So many thoughts running through my head. None of which are worthy of a single post. You know what that means, do you not?

Bang! Bang!
  1. For those of you who do not do The Tweetle*, you will not have noticed that I have discovered The Sudoku. Think what you may, but I found it first. No? Oh. Anyway. Whatever. This completely unknown little gem of a puzzle that involves neat, perfect, little boxes and convenient numbers which all have their special places, if only you can figure it out. Drool Where the hell have I been? This game was invented for the likes of me and somehow I missed it until now? I should be appropriately ashamed. Duly noted. Anyway. I found a book of puzzles at The Starbucks the other day (yes, yes, I loathe their coffee, but their shaken iced tea lemonades are the bomb.) This book is perfect for me - a hard, cardboard cover with a ring instead of binding. The pencil fits perfectly in the ring and I can schlep the book through the house and metro area as we go about our day. Am hooked, I say. **
  2. What is it with little girls and accessories? Shoes. Hats. Handbags. I blame her father.
  3. Finally. Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf or Death*** can found via our On Demand. I cannot begin to describe how jealous I was that Britons got to see this before it came stateside. Did we not sacrifice for them in WWII? Dashed right over the pond to help out their sorry, tea-swilling asses?? Where the hell is the gratitude? Grumble.
  4. The first of my TWO 20-Year High School Class Reunions is forthcoming****. It appears that I forgot to lose 20 pounds. Must now decide between Spanx or Cabbage Soup. Those are my only options on such short notice, as I believe Fen-Phen is still considered deadly, or something like that. Actually, I am looking forward to the reunion. If the worst thing about me is that I am overweight, I'll deal. I suspect I will not be the only sad sap there looking older. Besides, I am actually pretty happy with where my life has gone. My fancy scale and crow's feet cannot take that away. *****
  5. It has occurred to me that someday, my children will not want to snuggle, hug or kiss me. When they head off to college, perhaps? The thought makes my heart hurt.
  6. I loved Pixar's newest release, Up, so very much. In fact, I am really tempted to take Arun again to see it because he loved it, too. It was a movie that simply had it all - heart, soul, laughter, tears, balloons. And talking dogs. What's not to love about that? I have really enjoyed taking Arun to movies lately. For me, going to movies was a special event growing up, so I do have the whole Re-living My Fondest Childhood Memories thing going on. I would argue that is not always a bad thing. Right??
  7. A little girl just approached me and requested, quite politely, "Can you change my poopy butt, Mama? Puh-wease?"
Duty calls. Over and out.

*Am forever thankful to Monkey's baba for the christening of The Tweetle. Because for serious, that is the best Twitter name ever. And as such, I have stolen it for my very own precious. Also, am curious what my own little half-breeds will think of their own baba, who also unnecessarily inserts a superfluous article (usually "the") in front of nouns.

**Oh, and despite the advice regarding installing this on my phone, I will be doing no such thing. Eh. I am not convinced I want to sully this game with binary code. Much of the pleasure I am getting from it is from scratching out the numbers with an old-fashioned pencil.

***Speaking of Aardman Productions, I also began purchasing the Shaun the Sheep series. 'Tis for the children, of course. Greedy little mites that they are. Begged for the damned sheep, I tell ya. I swear.

****Yes, TWO reunions. This upcoming reunion is for School #2, the one I actually graducated from. However, I went to School #1 from Kindergarten through half of the 6th grade year. Therefore, I spent an equal amount of time between School #1 and School #2. Frankly, I am more sentimental about School #1, though. It was a smaller, tighter knit group, my happiest years were spent there - the years before my parents divorced.

*****I should note for the audience that my husband is not, I repeat, NOT happy about going to some boring reunion where we are going to cackle and laugh over events gone by that he could care less about.


Olivia said...

The Tweetle - hehehe...

Also, your point about the kids not wanting to snuggle someday is so spot on. I started feeling sad about that about a week after my daughter was born. Even though I've been warned by others that I'm spoiling her, I pick her up whenever she starts to cry and carry her as much as possible because I know this time won't last forever. (I also don't think she's being spoiled, but that's another topic for another day).

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

My own doctor said you cannot spoil a baby by HOLDING them. :-)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm going to go see Up this weekend-can't wait. All the reviews about it have been glowing. I was hoping Nia Vardalos's new movie would be good because I adore My Big Fat Greek Wedding but it seemed to be universally panned.

Gori Girl said...

I loved Up as well - I think it's my favorite of all the Pixar movies, which is saying quite a bit. I mean, between the prologue and the Talking Dogs! they hit about every key emotion beautifully.

My husband hadn't seen any of the promos when I dragged him to it; I've never heard him laugh so loudly as he did during the various squirrel bits.

Moderndayhermit said...

There are two places that Alex and I go together - the library and the movies. We both loved UP, what a movie!


I love gadgets and am a self-professed gadgets-whore but suduko (or any other number puzzle) is not the same in a digital format!

Christine said...

Picture sudukos are a lot of fun.

I am really wanting to take Max to see Up. I'm hoping it will hold me until Where the Wild Things Are is released.

And we picked up Shaun the Sheep, too. No cable or On Demand or whatever, so still waiting for the US DVD release of AMoLaD. Both kids love the Wallace and Gromit movies (Max always asks for either the Sheep! or the Evil Penguin! movie). It's a nice break from garbage trucks.

Label Daddy Mommy said...

We just recently watched UP in 3-D and just LOVED it too!

Found your blog from the RSVP list on Velveteen Mind, The People's Party. WHOOP! Can't wait to party with ya!

Sara said...

Hey! At least that sweet girl asked nicely, huh?! That's funny! It could be worse and you can have a toddler who would rather sit in his own mess instead of having Momma even ASK, "Are you stinky?"


On the heels of Label Daddy, found your RSVP from the People's Party. Can't wait to meet ya in Chicago!

Olivia said...

Cagey, I agree with your doctor. I'm just surprised by the people who still ascribe to the "don't spoil the baby" philosophy. My younger sister is one of them. I just nod my head and keep holding my baby.