June 18, 2009

What's in the bag?

Handbag Thursday [hānd'bāg' thûrz'dā]

1. A Canal Street knockoff of Jodifur's Shoe Friday.
2. A lame attempt at regular blog fodder by invoking my own accessorized day o' the week.
3. A frivolous little feature that allows me to talk about handbags every week.

As promised, welcome to this week's Scottish Edition of Handbag Thursday. Also known as "May I take a picture of your crotch, kind clansman?"

Last weekend while we were at the Scottish Highland Games, I realized I had a windfall for my Handbag Thursday. Like, DUDE. Men in kilts carrying handbags. Does it get any better? No. It does not.

Oh sure, you may say sporran, but I will still say handbag. Wicked cool.

Although, admittedly, there about a thousand things wrong and so not traditional with this guy's getup, I still liked his sporran.

I really wanted to get a closeup of the detail. But um. Yeah. No. No, thanks.

And since he was so kind to pose, how could I resist a full body shot? *cough*


Average Jane said...

How come that guy isn't wearing plaid? He just looks like a hipster in a Utilikilt with a tiny grandma purse. ;)

elizasmom said...

Haha! That picture cracked me up, and so did Average Jane's comment.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

My dad didn't know either! Like, what the hell? Still, I did like his sporran!

MLE said...

The best man at our wedding kept the rings in his crotch purse. Hee.

Clare Norcio said...

Scotsmen and Irishmen wear kilts. Scotsmen's kilts are plaid. Irish kilts are generally not (the cables in the Irish sweaters are generally unique within a family, though).