June 25, 2009

Guest Post: Bag Lady

We have a guest poster this week - my good friend Brit! I am absolutely envious of her beautiful sewing and quilting skills, so of course, she posts something that she made with her own two hands. To taunt and mock me. Evil girl, she is.

Brit can usually be found posting at Running Stitch, when she is not trying to convince her three year old that he really should be wearing pants or her five year old that it is not, in fact, going to snow in June, and that maybe instead of making a snowman they could paint!

When Kelli started her bag entries I feigned interest, because you know, she's nice and I like her and I can force myself to look at her bag entries. I'm not really much of a bag person myself.


Except as I look around my house all I see is bags. Bags for grocery shopping, bags for library books, bags for the boys to take places full of distractions and clean clothes. Bags for biking, bags for the car, bags for lunch,bags for this sewing project, bags for that sewing project, bags for running shoes, bags for running clothes.

It's only been a few months, since I stopped carry a diaper bag. Of course now I carry a backpack full of extra clothes, because, wow! are little boys dirty. The backpack also contains bandaids, benadryl (my oldest is allergic to the world) tea (because you never know) and their medical information.

However, I have also gotten to the point where I'm going out sans boy bag often enough that I made a little bag for myself. I call it the 'Just Me" style I actually completed this over a year ago and I carry it everywhere. It is perfect for my wallet, cellphone, and change purse. And it fits right into any of the the bigger bags I perpetually
seem to be carrying.

Apparently, I am a bag lady after all.

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Mamma Sarah said...

Brit totally rocks! Man, I like you are totally jealous of her mad quilting, child wrangling, etc... :-) So when are you going to convince her to make you one of those totally lovely bags? Better yet... give one away. ;-)