June 17, 2009

Can you put my butterfly on?

This post is dedicated to brothers and sisters everywhere. And to all the folks who hate posts like these where mommybloggers type entire conversations with their precious wee ones. I hate those posts, too.

Normally, I do not like subjecting the unsuspected masses to my precious progeny's version of Juvie Jargon, but hey. It's my blog, I suppose.

Technically, Anjali cannot say her "Ls", so she actually asked for her "butter-FWY" when she requested help with her fairy wings, but I could not bear to type Juvie Jargon for I have standards, bare minimum they may be.

Scene: Characters are playing in the living room.
Arun: Anju, can I have that puppy?
Anjali: No, Ah-woon
Arun: Why not?
Anjali: Cuz, it’s too wate, Ah-woon. TOO WATE. (Note: "Late" is the excuse we use for her all the time as to why we can't go to the pet store, the gym or the park. It's too damned LATE, Anjali. Go to bed!)

Scene: Characters are lolling about in bed.
Anjali: I wuv you, mama.
Me: I love you, too.
Anjali: I wuv you MORE.
Me: I love YOU more.
Anjali: I wuv you dan DINOSAURS (Translation: "I love you more than dinosaurs." You can also include puppies, cupcakes, cheese, tea, triceratops, pterodactyls and candy. My daughter’s love for me is sure and strong for which riff raff cannot compete. I may be a mean bitch, but I am lucky one.)

Scene: Characters are in the car. The mother is desperate for a nap. It's for the children, of course.
Arun: Anja-wee, you hafta go to SWEEP.
Anjali: Ah-woon, I don't wanna go to SWEEP. I wanna go HOME.
Arun: You hafta.
Anjali: NO.
Small female character ponders thoughtfully.
Anjali: Hode my hand, Ah-woon.
Arun: It's okay. It's okay. (Note: In the past few months or so, Anjali has begun turning to Arun as a source of comfort when she is hurt or scared. Adorable.)

Scene: Costco. Male Character is attempting to procure an ice cream AND a lemonade, which are mutually exclusive per the Maternal Character.
Arun: Why can't I have both?
Me: Because you are having cake tonight, so for lunch, you can only have lemonade OR ice cream. Otherwise, it would be too much sugar.
Arun: Mama, I have an idea. I will get lemonade NEXT time. That's a good choice.

Scene: A volcano rumbles in the distance and a toddler is about to lose her cool.
Anjali, sputtering: I MAD at you. You in BIG twouble. I'm gonna kick your ass. (Note: I am not proud of this one. We really say "kick your ass" in jest, but sadly, it does not come out that way. Obviously, we need to wash our own damned mouths out with soap.)

Scene: Maternal characters spies male character getting into a box that he KNOWS he is supposed to stay out of.
Me: Arun, what are you doing?
Arun: Oh, I am just NOT getting into this box. Don't wook at me. Don't wook at me!

Scene: On our way to the gym where exercise awaits me and a power muffin awaits my children.
Arun: If I eat a muffin, I will get bigger and bigger like a big boy.
Me: Yep.
Arun: If you eat a muffin, will you get smaller and smaller like a little girl?
Me: Sure! And then we will get rich off the proceeds from the lawsuit or the movie, whichever comes first.

At some point, these children have seemed to morph before my very eyes. They walk into stores with me. They have animated conversations with each other. They can destroy a room together within 5 minutes flat. They choose their own food much of the time. They whine when the other is sleeping because they are bored and need the other to complete whatever little game they are playing. If Arun gets a pair of swim goggles, then Anjali must have a pair. If Arun gets a cork gun, then Anjali must have one. If Anjali gets a parasol, then Arun must have one. Oh wait. Um, NO. But.....

Still, they are so small.

It is always presumed that if you have a Boy/Boy combo or a Girl/Girl combo that your children will be Instant Best Friends. Folks often act as if a Boy/Girl combo has no chance of hell for producing any sort of close relationship. By virtue of their differing genders, this combo is doomed. Or so folks would love to hint (and not as subtly as they might think.)

My kids currently like each other. I do not know if this will always be the case, but for now? I appreciate this little gift of watching them navigate their relationship. And they have always liked each other. Well, truthfully, Anjali did not have much of a choice.......

Arun was beyond excited when he first met Anjali. The second time he came to the hospital to see us, she was not in my room which he immediately noticed and worriedly asked for her "da Bee-bee? da Bee-bee?" When we brought her home, he was constantly in her face. As a newborn, it made her cry. Now that Anjali can hold her own, he gets the Talk to the Hand action. When Anjali first began rolling over onto her stomach, Arun would rush to lay on his stomach beside her. And now, throughout our days, I hear Arun saying "Anju, come ON" and her answering, "Just a MINUTE, Ah-woon." He is insistent that her participation is required in whatever activity it is that he has concocted for them - willing or not.. When we pick him up at school, he happily greets her and eagerly shows her his little project for that day. And when we talk about our plans for the day, he usually asks, "Can Anju come, too?" As if we would leave her home.

His excitement never really went away.


elizasmom said...

Feel free to mommyblog away, because this is the cutest brother-sister pair of buddies!

kristen said...

Umm, who can complain about hearing funny stories and seeing adorable pictures of such sweeties? What a special relationship they have.

Average Jane said...


Anjali said...

I hope for Arun and Anjali what I have with my own brother. My brother is still my best friend, and the person I turn to for comfort.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

They are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes my womb aches when I read your stories about the kids. Love them!

Kenna in Lawrence

Anonymous said...

wait you hate the conversation blog posts? hmm.

also. Adorable.

Olivia said...

Adorable, I think I've got something in my eye. *sniff*

Anonymous said...

So cute! You're doing a great job, cagey.

Sharm, Malaysia

musingwoman said...

I didn't think they could get any more adorable till I kept scrolling and saw those last two pics. Maximum adorability.