June 26, 2006

Why don’t people wearing rose-colored glasses ever see Red?

Cripes, last week was a DOWNER. Therefore, to assist in stemming the spate of negativity that emanates from this blog, I am going to post only Happy Thoughts this week. Like, only thoughts that are HAPPY. Furthermore, I’ve always maintained that the meme is the Rodney Dangerfield of blog fodder. Therefore, everyday this week I will do a memed theme dedicated to the particular day of the week. I may also update with actual stuff going on in between, BUT my promise to you, Dear Reader, is that this blog is going to be so light and carefree and pink and frothy and SO fucking HAPPY that you’ll wanna stick one of those teeny little umbrellas in it.

This week is dedicated to Pollyanna and Rodney Dangerfield.
She is how I wish the world was and Rodney is how the world IS. I salute both of them.

Monday is FunDay
Things I find fun, enjoyable or entertaining.

1. Naps. Namely, my kid’s. I dread that day when Naps go away, but thankfully, that means Kindergarten will be next in order. I would only be slightly exaggerating if I admitted that I love my kid MORE when he is sleeping. In fact, he is snoozing RIGHT NOW and the Love? It is flowing like the Muddy Mo right now.

2. A fresh bowl of sunflower seeds and new book. Both waiting to be cracked open. Refer to #1 because these days? #1 and #2 go hand in hand.

3. Cleaning my kitchen. Seriously. I clean the kitchen at least 2-3 times a day. It makes me feel good. If you come to my house and my kitchen is dirty? Call 911 because shit ain't RIGHT.

4. Cooking a great, 4-course meal and having loved ones over to partake. I usually only cook 1-2 courses for just X and I, so to make more is a challenge that I enjoy. Throwing out a bunch of dishes at once on the table, perfectly timed so that each has JUST finished cooking and are their freshest is a very triumphant feeling.

5. Game night. Of all the things I miss most from my Pre-Kid days, I miss Game Night the 2nd most (refer to #2 for the thing I miss MOST). I miss having girlfriends over - each one entering my home toting their favorite board game, a snack and a bottle of vino. I love mixing up my friends and seeing their personalities come out in the competiveness of something as simple as Cranium, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit or Wit’s End.

6. Sitting on my deck or front steps. I LOVE sitting outside. One of the things I appreciate most about this house is that the back deck starts getting shady around 4pm and the front steps have a great view of the sky while the sun sets. It’s not uncommon to find me out there in late October/early November huddled under a blanket because I am just not ready to give the outdoors up.

7. Thursday nights in downtown Lawrence, KS. Many weeks I go to Lawrence on Thursday nights and grab a light dinner on Mass. St. with my mom. Then, we grab a cup of joe (Aimee’s, Milton’s, or Z’s Espresso) and sit on a bench on the sidewalk to watch the world go by. Utter bliss.

8. Driving. I enjoy driving and exploring new ways to get around. The GPS in our car has certainly added a new element to this because now, I can meander at will, secure in the knowledge that I can always find my way back home. I also enjoy driving the Ridiculous Car. I appreciate the irony that I finally got a car that “can hang”, but now I have a CARSEAT in the back. Of course, it’s probably a GOOD thing Noodle Neck al Dente is snoozing in the back because that helps my lead foot keep all the Car’s little ponies at a reasonable pace.

9. A nice, savory meal with great service. It’s not just enough to have delicious food, but to have it served with a smile? Or better yet, get a personal greeting from the owner? Cherished.

10. Any quiet moment that X and I can grab where we can just sit and watch our son at play - be it on the living room floor, out in the yard or in bed. It’s a sweet gift to have the luxury of Time to be able to sit and marvel at the simple things that Arun is figuring out right now - how to pick up a leaf, how to push a toy car, how to sneak up on a kitty, how to climb the stairs, pop a pill.....

Simian Snaps
Since snaps of the kid fulfill the Fun Requirement of this week’s postings.............

Other things I enjoy? Watching my son giggle and laugh while playing with a $5 Garage Sale Find toy. LOVE IT. Did you notice the “$5” part? That’s the BEST part. I shot off a TON of snaps of him with this and had a hard time deciding which to post. Also, notice how that Little Red Fuck Elmo not only managed to ingratiate himself into my son’s life but also into his WARDROBE. Oh, Shit - only positive stuff, right? Should I admit that the Little Red Fuck is actually not that bad and I am finding myself starting to not mind him? Nah. That would be overkill on the Smarm for this blog.

It might explode under the pressure.


Zoot said...

First? Have you played Apples to Apples? Its our favorite game right now. We still do game night at the in-laws every few Sundays or so.

Second? I bought a kids' picnic table at a yard sale for a DOLLAR a few weeks ago. ONE DOLLAR.

Third? I love memes. I'm going to do this one. And maybe all of the other one's you do this week b/c I'm a blog-thief.

Fourth? My husband loves sunflower seeds and can put a handful in his mouth and crack them, eat the seed, and push the shell to the other side until their all emptied. I have always been amazed by that.

Cagey said...

First - I married a man who does not play games. I am still amazed that I managed to do THAT because I have an entire linen closet devoted to the storage of my games. I hope Arun likes to play games, that's for damned sure.

Second - A $1 picnic table? Now THAT is one hell of a Garage Sale Find. Awesome.

Third - Feel free to steal 'em. I think you will like Friday's, in particular. :-)

Forth - I can also do that trick of your husband's, but I have never been that good at it or that comfortable with it. It is convenient to do while driving, though.

Diana said...

Wonderful! Until I got to the part where you might just possibly be weakining about the Little Red Fuck. No. He's evil. Seek help.

Me said...

Cagey, don't get too happy and Pollyana on us. We would miss the snark. And your Simian is So. Cute.

Rozanne said...

And I thought my dad was the only person on Earth to eat sunflower seeds in the car. He used to keep a decorative little tin of them on the front seat of the car. And when I was 16 and a novice driver and that decorative little tin started to slide off the seat toward the floor? Voila. My first car accident, all thanks to sunflower seeds.

I probably haven't eaten any since.

P.S. Arun must be the most photogenic baby on the planet. Even the Elmo face doesn't detract from his adorableness.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Well, as long as you don't Pollyanna the captions on the simian snaps.

I gotta say that any picture of Arun smiling makes *me* smile.

Anonymous said...

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