June 20, 2006

What’s that about saying something nice?

Well, the company picnic went fine on Saturday and I think I managed to hide my temper and ill will that I am feeling towards the very company that is neglecting to provide my son with the very basic benefit of health insurance. It probably helped that the person responsible for this mess resides in Virginia and thus, wasn’t there. In short, This Person is not returning our fucking phone calls. Since fucking THURSDAY. At this point, I should stop before I start adding descriptive adjectives to This Person. I am not sure if X could be Dooced from the very company that he founded, but why find out?

Since I am so full of venom and fury that I am tempted to unleash, I am going to end this post shortly..........

Arun turned 8 months on Friday. Someone commented a few posts back about how I must not get much done and yes, that would be the case. I would much rather sit on the floor and play with him than read email, clean house, deal with insurance, write blog posts. Speaking of which.............

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
He has started cruising along this step - he began near the middle. Apparently, a pair of a scissors and a National Geographic provide ample incentive. The finger-squashing door was merely a bonus.

Insurance is SO Yesterday

8 Months
The "chair snaps" are so difficult to take these days because he immediately pulls himself up. I threw him my keys and that provided enough distraction to get a few rounds off. If you look carefully in the 2nd snap, you can see that he FINALLY got teeth. Like TWO. At THE SAME TIME. I had my sister feel for teeth on Friday and she laughed as she informed me they were ALREADY there (I swear I checked on Thursday!). Also, score 1 for Co-sleeping because we have lost very little shut-eye over the whole thing. The downside was that on Thursday, he wanted to be held ALL DAY LONG and although I got very little done that day I was more than happy to oblige. Sometimes, you just need a day full of nothing but holding your baby.

Haircut #4


Sabrina said...

Awwww! I love that last one and that cute haircut!

Rozanne said...

"Apparently, a pair of a scissors and a National Geographic provide ample incentive."

That sentence had me cackling with glee for some reason.

Cagey said...

I took a picture and realized the scissors were there afterwards. I am still getting to used this child-proofing thing AND am not used to the fact that he can reach higher places. Next up? I need to clear our coffee table. Sigh.

Modern Day Hermit said...

I can't over the fact that he has had 4 haircuts! Amazing! He is so adorable.

I sure hope you are able to resolve the insurance debacle in short order, I can't imagine how stressful that must be.

I can't believe how fast their little teeth pop up! My boy had snaggle tooth for a while where he had two on the bottom, but they were not next to one another. A few sleepless nights and a new one filled in the hole. Then I discovered a new tooth poking its way through his tender gums when he bit me. It's on the left side, not in the front!

In any case, they grow up so fast. What a doll your Arun is, thank you for sharing him with us!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Teefuses! I saw a little kid on the train allowing his baby sister to gnaw her aching gums on his hand. Then sometimes she'd bite too hard and he'd squeal and grab his hand back. It was so darling.

I am incensed on your behalf-your insurance company for being assholes and incompetent employee. At least an insurance company's general M.O. is to be assholish...what's employee's excuse?

Jenn said...

Our little 8 month old terrors are so alike! LOL Allie is climbing all over everything...and yea...I'm not all that childproof in my house either. She's a climber.....looks like he is too. Start bolting those book shelves to the wall!

Wordnerd said...

OMG the adorableness! And too funny about the childproofing -- just go ahead now and raise everything three feet. I give him a week to find how to move up to the next level!

Hannah said...


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