June 27, 2006

What's the Big To Do?

In what may go down in the Annals of Blogging History as the most boring post EVER.

Tuesday is ToDosDay
Not that I will actually get all these DONE today, but rather, this is my To Do list. Actually, just the Top 10 as the entire list is MUCH longer.

1. Read “Snow Falling on Cedars” by this Sunday. A nearly 500 page book that I only just began YESTERDAY.

2. Weed the yard.

3. Tidy up spare bedroom and wash the sheets (refer to "other news" below).

4. Pick up/Drop Off Dry cleaning.

5. Locate some curry leaves ASAP since our regular store is out of them and the guy who usually supplies them is in India for the next month and in the meantime, we are starting to literally eat our OWN curry plant alive. I'm starting to feel a little sorry for it.

6. Buy a dress and sandals for swanky soiree coming next week.

7. Organize basement - segragate all junk to one room that will be designated for the Garage Sale to End All Garage Sales of 2007.

8. Begin process of purging the house of Junk for said garage sale.

9. Back up all the Mac files as I haven’t done so since early MAY.

10. Get the garage in order. It’s driving me crazy.

In other news, my dad is back in the hospital (negative content deleted by blogger emulating Pollyanna this week) but fortunately, the Glad Game makes me see the bright side of having my step-mom staying with me again.

In other, other news - our boy has insurance! RETROACTIVELY. Meaning, they will be paying the bills. Bring on the honey roasted peanuts!

Cover your eyes, folks. That would be the sun coming out from the clouds.

Slapdashed Snaps
On my To Dos for the LONGEST time was to purchase chairs for our patio - the weird slab of cement just off our deck (it used to hold the hot tub of the Previous Owner. Bleh. We are NOT Hot Tub People). Anyway, this slab of cement needed something to perk it up and I tried in vain with plants and a reclining chair. What it REALLY needed was a pair of Adirondack chairs, but DAMN. Those things are EXPENSIVE. Unless, you find a great plastic pair at Target for $30. Score.

Now, virtually all day long there is some shady spot in my backyard for me to sit in. Which makes me very happy.

This is the view when I am sitting in them. Not bad, eh?


Diane said...

You just wait another year. That cement slab will be *perfect* for riding a tricycle around and around for hours...no, days, on end!

31 Girl said...

You will love Snow Falling on Cedars. You've just inspired me to read it again.

Love the chairs on the patio too - it really makes that cement slab look great.

And your boy is ADORABLE!

Oh, and I'm stealing these post ideas...

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

1) I swear you are more Indian than I am...you have a kadipatta tree LOL!!!

2) What are you feeding Arun??? I may need to start referring to him as Toddler Pantene rather than Baby Pantene. He's such a little...boy.

3) I'm happy the insurance issue worked out and you are being properly reimbursed although I daresay denying a child of Arun's age healthcare over an admin issue is perhaps the biggest PR debacle a company could set up. But BOO to them for making you worry so long.

4) I'm hoping your dad gets better and the worries in your life decrease. In the meantime, I'm sure you'll take comfort in little baby kisses.

dorothy said...

I have been behind in my reading. So glad to hear about Arun's insurance, E. be damned, and sorry to hear your dad is having trouble. I'll say a little prayer for you and your family. Call me anytime.

Jane said...

If listing your to-dos on the blog is boring, my readers must have all died of boredom by now!

I'm glad to hear Arun's insurance is worked out and I'm sorry that your dad is in the hospital again.

Wordnerd said...

Beautiful shots, again, of beautiful boy. Love the chairs.

Now, it's Tuesday night. How many of your To-Do's got done?