June 6, 2006

Why does beer come in a can, but liquor and wine do not?

So, I actually got quite a bit done yesterday. The dealio is, I forgot to register AND insure the Acura. At least I had remembered to make the actual car payment itself, but I still felt pretty lame that as I was posting about our Ridiculous car, I had let the tags AND insurance expire. So, I took care of that yesterday. Our DMV in Olathe is actually pretty organized but this was my first trip with a MOBILE child. DAMN, he got so dirty crawling around on the floor. However, since he’s not in daycare, he must get his pathogens from somewhere.

Anyway, that little incident inspired me to take care of a slew of other paperwork that needed to be done. The next big thing left is to send off for Arun’s certified birth certificate so that we can finally get him a passport. Also, I think I am ready to face the Great Paper Project of 2006. Since October 16th, I have been pulling all the necessary mail out as it arrives, pitching the obvious junk and then throwing the rest into a heap to be sorted/filed for later. The time has come for me to face the music.

Actually, this Bud is not for me

A storm last night blew this into my yard. I am not so bothered that there is a beer box lying in my yard, but rather that people might think I drink Budlight. Good gravy, I so do not. Well, not since grad school, at least. ahem.

The Emperor Has No Clothes


dee said...

Absolutely love the nekkid shot! I'm terrible with the paperwork too, especially since Zach was born. I just got his certified birth certificate a couple of weeks ago and he's almost a year old. I also have a "important papers that need to be filed" stack that has been getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon I think it will just take over the entire house. We won't need furniture anymore. We'll be able to just curl up on a pile of papers instead! :)

Goofy Girl said...

Oh thank goodness!! I'm not the only one with the "staging" stack of mail/papers/receipts/etc. This stack goes into hiding when guests come over, only to be forgotten for a month until we find it lurking in the coat closet. Then we throw the entire stack away! Why is there so much needless paper in our lives??

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Geez, he has the sweetest smiles...and he is totally going to hate you for the nanga (did you say you speak Hindi or Malayalee?) pics one day.

Cagey said...

I always hesitate to post the nekkid snaps, but couldn't resist that one.

Nice to know that I am not the only one drowning in paper. Unfortunately, the stack o' papers DO need to be gone through and some will need to be filed.

I speak/understand about a toddler's level of Hindi and my Malayalee is "kitchen" standard at best (i.e. I know the food words!) Nanga? New word for me. :-)

alimomof2 said...

It is wrong that I want to pinch those legs? I am guessing they get a lot of that action. Even my toddler's legs are already getting long and lean. Pinch 'em while you got 'em.

Cagey said...

I LOVE the chubby thighs - I remind him CONSTANTLY this is the only time in his life that it is socially acceptable to HAVE them.

I don't think he is listening, though.

Modern Day Hermit said...

I just recently went through a lot of our mail [gulp] and, well, I don't want to talk about it, other than to say I threw a lot of things out...

Love the nekkid shot and the caption, adorable!

MLE said...

That is a fabulous shot of a nekkid emperor.

Rozanne said...

With you on not wanting to be suspected of drinking Bud Light. Ewwwyuck!

I don't even think it deserves to the name of beer. That goes for all "light" versions of beer. Drink the real stuff or just have a glass of water, that's what I say.