June 16, 2006

What happens if Something Happens?

Still no insurance for my baby. sigh....... Just as Arun and I are discovering that even when a cabinet door has locks on it, he can still manage to squash his fingers in it. Again, with the sigh. I am pretty proud of myself, I am trying really, really hard not to obsess over it and am doing an okay job with that. It still makes me sick to my stomach when I DO think about it, though.

At least things are somewhat okay with my dad. They are still figuring things out, but he is home now.

This weekend is crazy - today is wading pool, then dinner with friends and I still need to finish up some things for planning on X’s company picnic tomorrow for which I am a co-organizer. Tomorrow IS the picnic, then Average Jane’s cookout tomorrow evening which I really, REALLY hope I can make. Then, Sunday is Father’s day. Next week? Las Vegas Grandma is coming to Town! She will stay one night with us and I am very excited for Arun to finally meet his only Indian granny. The downside? I need to desperately clean our house. The upside? I needed to clean anyway.

As usual, I am going to lean heavily on some Simian Snappage for the remainder of today’s post:

But What Would His Sherpa Have to Say?
Every man has his Everest. Arun is obsessed with this step - it took him the longest time to actually hoist his chubby thighs over it and even now, he prefers to just crawl over to it, bang away for awhile, then crawl over to something else. Unless there is a cat waiting by the door to get out. Talk about grease lightening. Now, if I could just train him to OPEN the door, he could start helping out in a new capacity as Doorman to the Felines. After he gets insurance, of course.

Airing out the Dirty Laundry
I was desperate to get some laundry done, but “someone” needed to be held and cuddled all day long. Like, ALL DAY LONG. So, to distract him, I stuck him in the laundry basket and emptied the dryer load on top of him. I hit the Motherload of Entertainment Mileage - he happily sat in there ENTIRE time I put away laundry.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

First, between the cat toys and the slithering...Arun is a cat-baby. Ha! Adorable Simian Snaps.

Second, I hope your insurance company pulls its head out of its ass and gets him on the paperwork ASAP and reimburses. This is one of the big reasons I have strict standards about what types of law I'll practice (there's only an extent to how low I'm willing to sink)-idiots! How the hay did they process his appointments all the times before the crazy bill? I'm sure he has been to the doctor before. If coverage is through your husband's employer did they keep backup paperwork for their own records?

If it makes you feel a smidge bit better, he can't be denied emergency medical treatment due to EMTALA. Because almost every hospital accepts M-aid/M-care it applies to pretty much everyone.

I hope it all gets sorted out as quickly as possible.

Wordnerd said...

God I hope the insurance thing works itself out soon -- what a nightmare!

House (and that adorable child) looks perfect to me -- don't sweat the cleaning!

aibee said...

I don't know how you find time to get anything done cagey, not when there's so much Gazing At The Cute Kid that positively must get done every day.

Anna said...

In our house, we call that game "laundry baby!!!", still popular now that my daughter's three years old. Variations now include "laundry daddy!!!", "laundry cat!!!". Ah, good times...

Rozanne said...

Too cute!

dorothy said...

That's what you forgot to tell me! About your dad! I'm so glad to hear it's not life-threatening. I have a scary health situation with my sis that I forgot to tell you about - tests on Fri. Hope all goes well for both of them!

PS: Kill insurance administrator.