June 14, 2006


Regarding Yesterday’s Post, I’d like to point out that the Hypocrite in the title was supposed to refer to ME because I am sure I have a hearty serving of meaty black crow coming in my Parenting Future. Also, I would like to give a shout-out to Goofy Girl AGAIN as she relates her “successes” in toilet training. Parenting Yoda, she is, that Goofy Girl.

So, after yesterday’s sweeping indictment of parents everywhere, God said “Oh, no you didn’t and hit me with a double-whammy of admitting my dad into the hospital AND finding out that Arun isn’t and NEVER WAS covered on our health insurance.

Taking a deep breath.....

First, after a tense day yesterday with my dad in the hospital hooked up to a steady IV of morphine to help with the excruciating pain emanating from his hips on down, we found out today that he has three herniated disks. Thank goodness. Sort of. I mean, at least it isn’t life-threatening and we KNOW what it is. Not knowing was a bit frightening. So, now we need to figure out the treatment, next steps, whatnot. The only good thing to come out of all this is that my step-mom is staying with me because my dad is in a hospital here in Kansas City. Although, I wish the circumstances would have been better, it HAS been nice to spend some alone time with her and be able to talk without my brother, sisters, nephews, niece, etc around. Arun just ADORES his Grandma K so it has given them some alone time, also.

Second, I received a doctor’s bill for Arun that amounted to over $1500 and I called the insurance company. I thought I was going to throw up when I discovered that Arun has never been our insurance despite the fact that I filled out paperwork LAST FALL. Of course, the insurance is playing Asshole in all of this, although I am still leery of X’s company and the gal who administers this insurance stuff. The jury is still out and seriously? I am losing sleep over this. My baby boy has no insurance and it scares the fucking crap out of me.

New, Lighthearted Topic To Ease My Mind or Else I Will Seriously LOSE MY SHIT......................... I went to pick up a swimsuit today. I have a swimsuit, but it is the sort that you wear when you are quickly skittering from the locker room to the pool to swim laps. It is NOT the sort that you wear to just lounge around the pool and certainly, most assuredly, NOT the type you wear to BEND OVER and help your precious progeny walk about in a wading pool ...ahem..... I do realize that I have reached a point in my life where I am waving bye-bye to Dead Sexy in the rearview mirror (Enter Sarcasm, Stage Left) and have now entered the Whatever is the Least Offensive to Everybody's Eyeballs stage in my Swimsuit Life. Ah well. At least Arun is too young to be embarrassed. Yet.

The Peanut Gallery

When my step-mom began coaxing delightful tunes out of the resistant Black Elephant, Arun quickly scrambled underneath the piano to play with the cat toys. He stayed there until she was done playing.


alimomof2 said...

I am sorry about your dad - I hope all goes well. I am glad your step mom is with you though.

I hope you get the insurance issue fixed - dealing with the health insurance industry has never been easy for me. I wish you better luck!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

dude, sending good luck your way. I hope your father gets better and the insurance company backs down and admits they lost the papers-I hate dealing with them too.

Goofy Girl said...

Herniated discs SUCK.
$1500 doctor bill SUCKS.
Insurance companies SUCK.
Swimsuits SUCK.

Rozanne said...

Scary news about your dad. I hope they can do something--relatively quickly-- about all the pain he's in.

Another thing that I hope is sorted out quickly is the insurance thing.

Bathing suits. Ugh. There's a new bathing suit boutique around the corner from my house, and I'm thinking of maybe seeing if they've got a tankini that would pass muster. Are tankinis passe?

pharmgirl said...

Hope your dad gets better soon! My company accidentally dropped our son's coverage & then tried to pawn it off on me! I raised hell. They fixed it. Gar. YES! I just got the "don't make everyone go blind" tankini myself! Let's face it, folks...a string bikini at the kiddie pool? Um, no.

Diana said...

Wow. 3 discs! Your dad does things big, doesn't he? Here's hoping he gets better very soon. Nice to have your step-mom around, though. Sounds like you feel about yours like I feel about mine. I got one of those industrial stomach-holding-in one-piece suits from Land's End. Not sexy but at least I don't look like Homer Simpson around the middle in it.