June 28, 2006

Isn't Humpty Dumpty just another case for Natural Selection?

No, I got virtually nothing done on my To Do list - I should have noted that I didn’t plan to get it DONE on Tuesday and that I was really just REPORTING it for future procrastional purposes. In particular, I will be purchasing that dress/sandals combo like NEXT week Friday, the day before the event, because I might lose 10 pounds by then. What? YOU NEVER KNOW. Anyway.............

Wednesday is HumpDay
Guys I would consider to be Humpable Haute Hotties. This was another difficult list, but I had to draw a line - with the exception of #3, only live, breathing, non-AARP Hotties are included. #10 was a gimme, of course.

#1 Brad Pitt (pre-Amnesty International Days)

#2 Colin Farrell ( pre-Rehab Days)

#3 Amitabh Bachchan (granted special non-AARP exemption for his utter HOTness)

#4 Colin Firth

#5 Hugh Grant

#6 Denzel Washington

#7 Jeremy Northam

#8 Russell Crowe, ( pre-Phone Hurling Days)

#9 Johnny Depp

#10 X

In other news, I still haven’t gotten to see my dad because (negative content edited by Pollyanna-esque Blogger) and he doesn’t want me to bring Arun to the hospital. I cleared my social calendar this week thinking I would be hanging out at the hospital, so I have doing impromptu-ish sorts of things all week. FUN, actually. On Monday, I loaded up my Garage Sale Find jogger stroller in my trunk to air up the tires. After the tires were full? It would NOT GO BACK IN THE TRUNK thus lending itself for the opportunity of a total WTF? Moment replete with head-scratching and much scowling. I managed to squeeze it in the front passenger seat. Since I already had it loaded in the car and the likelihood of THAT happening anytime ever AGAIN was slim, I thought we should give it a First Run over at Deanna Rose. I LOVE the butterfly garden, so we headed straight over to it and sat in a a swing, enjoying the gorgeous weather. A gal and her son passed by and she paused. She said “I’ve seen your son somewhere.” We went through a few scenarios where she might have seen my son and then she said, quietly “I know where it is. I think I read your blog.” Yep - it was Amanda, who has commented here before. It turns out, we live very close to each other, mere blocks. We hung out together in the garden and watched her adorable son N run circles in the sprinklers. It seems she didn’t think I was too much of a freak because she did email me, so I can see us getting together again in the future. Very cool.

In other, other news, Arun has successfuly gone down in his crib for a nap TWICE this week. For the past 2 weeks, he has refused to go down in his crib for naps and it has been SO frustrating (negative content edited). I think teething and our wacky schedule contributed to this - for the past 2 weeks I have been holding tight to the nights because he sleeps like a ROCK at night - it's the damned cats waking me up these days. But naps? Were misery because (negative content edited). When I read somewhere that putting an article of your clothing in the crib with your baby can help ease their anxiety, I thought “Why not?”. So far, it has WORKED.....fingers furiously crossed....

Future Haute Hottie

Old picture, still Dead Sexy. Although, he better be the type who actually calls when he SAYS HE’S GONNA CALL. My promise to you, Future Babes of America, is that his mama will do her best to teach him RIGHT.


Cheryl said...

Arun? Is very Haute. I watched Tristan and Isolde this weekend, and I now have the hugest obsession with James Franco. I've seen him before, but this movie threw me over the edge. You should watch it, particularly with wine to heighten the effects.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I likey:

Clive Owen
Ewan McGregor
Hrithik Roshan
hot model from Monsoon Wedding

But mostly Clive Owen. HAWT.

Wordnerd said...

How cool to run into a blogfriend in the real world!

Beautifully edited post, by the way! Any chance we might ever get to see the director's cut?

Jane said...

You've reached an important blogger fame milestone: recognition in public. Congratulations!

My additions to your hottie list:
Hugh Jackman (particularly as Wolverine)
The Rock (particularly with long, Scorpion King hair)
Naveen Andrews (hottest "Lost" guy, for sure)

Okay, that's enough for now.

Rozanne said...

Strike off Brad Pitt and replace him with Ewan McGregor and we can go cruising for guys together!

Goofy Girl said...

I'll put all my chips on number 9, please. Dying to buy the new Time Mag with Depp on the cover, but knowing I would just look at the pics and wouldn't read the article. Haute, Haute, Haute!

amanda said...

Arun is just as cute in person, too. We had so much fun seeing you Monday, I'm still pinching myself that I recognized someone from her blog!

Jenn said...

YAY another Brad Pitt Lover....wait no....I mean...BACK OFF MY BRAD CAGEY!!!!!

FFF said...

Such a cutie in the monkey shirt!