June 30, 2006

Most of these are actually VEGETABLES, right?

So, my Week of Positivity went quite well. Was it because I slapped on a pair of rose-colored spectacles on Monday? Or was it just a coincidence? Either way it doesn't matter because you know what? Being nice all week was kinda boring. I have one more meme coming up next week that will help set this blog straight again.

In other news, my #1 Mothering Tip for this week is The Shirt. I gave Arun one of my old, unwashed shirts and this thing has worked MIRACLES. I have lost count of the naps that he has taken in his crib and it helped tremendously with the Separation Psychosis when leaving him with Cousin J.

Friday is FryDay

This was the HARDEST meme because I had to pare it down. I almost expanded it to include 20 things, but that would have been embarrassing. Anyway, here are things I love that are FRIED. Sweet tooth? Nah - my weakness has always been food made better with the Glory that is Grease.

And don’t even bother telling me that you can BAKE these things. Doesn’t count. Bah.

#1 Oklahoma Joe’s French Fries

#2 Kruncher’s Jalapeno Potato Chips

#3 Jalapeno Poppers

#4 Jalebi

#5 Indian Hot Mix

#6 Crab Rangoon

#7 Samosa

#8 Krispy Kremes

#9 Calamari

#10 Onion Blossom

Mmmmm.....makes my arteries crispy just thinkin’ about this list.

My Very Favorite Small Fry

He may curse me later, but I love that I am in charge of his wardrobe for the time being and can make him wear his dorky safari cap when we are doing something as mundane as hanging out in Loose Park which is in the middle of the CITY.


Jane said...

You had to mention delicious fried food when I'm sitting here STARVING waiting for my sister to pick me up for lunch. Mmmm, onion blossom...

amanda said...

Yum, I love fried foods, and I love how many spicy ones are on your list! What are jalebi?

Rozanne said...

Vegetable pakoras didn't make the list? Forsooth!

Wordnerd said...

I loves me some greasy fried food too. I'd have to add funnel cake in there somewhere. Mmmm...gotta find me a carnival!

aibee said...

Arun is adorable, as always.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Amanda: jalebia is a north indian sweet. It's a batter (I think made of besan flour) that's curled into these little pretzel like shapes and somehow, mysteriously filled with this viscous rose-water sugar syrup then deep-fried. At desi restaurants and stores you'll see some sticky bright-orange looking pretzel things. That's jalebi. And when it's good...oh lordy-jalebi is my fave tea snack, along with chevda. Bless the British for introducing Afternoon Tea into our culture and then us for spicing it up.

Cagey, your list is inducing a pavlovian saliva index over here btw.

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