June 5, 2006

What's a question with no answer called?

This may be a sparse week, I have a lot of projects to get done this week coupled with a teething monkey who wants to held. NOW, please. This week, I may just turn Rancid Raves into a MoFo MoBlog with photos, although I will resist just throwing out snaps of the Simian. Too easy.

I am glad I posted about the whole “in this day and age” thing on Thursday. It did make me think this weekend - a lot. As I rocked Arun in my $10 Garage Sale Find Rocker, I gazed lovingly at the very furniture I excitedly picked out myself from a JC Penney’s catalog back in 1980. I chuckled at the $5 Garage Sale Find Exersaucer that is missing half the toys and was “re-charged” with an empty Tucks container, empty Perrier bottle, an empty Obagi container and a few ever-trusty hangers. I remembered earlier in the day as I was putting away laundry I saw that most of his clothes actually are Carter's bought at Costco for $5 a pop. And I realized that Arun will probably be okay.

But, if he does ever get a raging ego, I’ll just have to remind of the time at his Redneck Grandpa’s house when his uncle's dog attempted to hump his diapered bootylicious butt. I have witnesses.

Look Ma, no seatbelt!

X was finishing up a business call in the driveway. Arun was pretty impressed with sitting next to him, chewing on my phone.

Silent, but Deadly

Methinks Arun has seen our life insurance applications laying around.

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Wordnerd said...

Hey -- pics of the Simian are great! We won't complain -- promise!!! ;)