August 21, 2007

Care to comment?

Have you seen my tagline? The part about the drivel? That is outdated? Last week, I read the lovely Miss Zoot's post about "to follow" or "not follow". Apparently, many folks comment on blogs because it increases their ranking on Google's page rank function since the link in the comment back to their URL is "counted" or something. The basic gist I got out of it was this: it could appear the primary reason for my comment may be that I am trying to generate traffic back to my site. Yikes. That has had me thinking for quite a bit this past week. I do comment quite a bit on other sites. It doesn't take any time and if I find the topic interesting, I love, LOVE to throw my 2 Lincolns in the pot. Why not? Didn't the blogger open comments for a reason? Aren't they inviting comments? Don't they want conversation?

However, since I read that post, I've totally been questioning my commenting. Which makes me sad and I am not sure why. It's not like I think most bloggers are just waiting with bated breath for my comment. I guess it's because one of the things that I enjoy about many of the blogs I read are the comments - they are conversations in their own right. I hate that the whole Google page rank has made it a case for the cynics.


So, onto brighter, prettier things. My kids. I think most Second Children complain about the dearth of pictures taken in comparison to their older siblings. I suspect that in my case it will instead be Arun complaining about all the pictures of his sister. When Arun was born, we had a crappy camera that has since been replaced. A camera that holds residence on the table beside my chair, which makes it quite convenient for whipping it out should the need arise. Which it often does.

I've downloaded a bunch of snaps to Flickr - I'm not putting them all here, but feel free to check them out there. I've also created 2 Sets - one is of Anjali's weekly/monthly chair snaps. The other is a special set called "Stuff on My Kid". Arun is very "generous" with the stuff around our house and likes to "show" the stuff to Anju. And I am more than happy to photograph the results. I see a grand future for that set, quite frankly.

We are still having many issues with Arun liking Anju WAY too much. He will not leave her alone. It's a good problem to have, for sure, but it's still a problem. His newest thing is getting in her face and lying on her in an attempt to hug and kiss her. Sigh.

In other news, Anju is a smiley, smiley girl who loves to coo. It also appears that she may have curly hair, which means that yes. I will have to eat her. For reals, because CURLY HAIR? Would send me over the edge.

Yo, personal Space THIS

The Eyes Have It

Week 6
You'd also be sad if you realized that with your receding hairline and poofy hair, you resemble an infantile Don Ameche.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I never put that much thought into people's motivations. I blogroll people I like to read, I comment on blogs I like to read...that's about it.

I guess the only thing I have to say about the "follow back" controversy is...bigass bloggers should stop getting their pants in a wad about it. Even if 5% of people comment to get their google rank higher, how the pho does it affect them? They're still getting the traffic aren't they?

I do think it's sort of...I don't know, shrill, to open comments up to people and then complain about people participating because it helps them in some sense. I can understand being hurt and pissed when people leave you driveby nastiness, but come on, if they're NICE and enjoying being part of the convo and just leave their site addy? I mean, frock, close them like Mimi Smartypants (who is awesome) if it's that big a deal or STFU.

meno said...

I wasn't aware of the Google popularity contest thingie. I comment to communicate w/people. If everything is for the politics of it, it wouldn't be any fun.

None of us are going to be hugely popular bloggers, so let's just enjoy.

Love the Don Ameche caption.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Incidentally, when I read that post, I was kinda pissed. Not at Zoot but whatever kabal of bloggers powwow to bitch about nice commenters who just happen to benefit by commenting. It's oh-so "I want to make money off my blog but no no, not you." Aren't these the same people who dispense advice about increasing blogtraffic by COMMENTING???

Marilyn said...

For what it's worth, I always wait for your comment with bated breath. :) I cherish each and every comment I get. Poo on the people who question motive! Comments are love!

zoot said...

Seriously - the first time I heard the comment, "They only leave comments for the page rank" I have been questioning my commenting constantly. Hence the not leaving my URL thing. Eases my mind even though I don't even CARE about PR.

Diana said...

Looks like the internet is just like the playground.

I love comments and love to leave them. How else will we connect? It's how I've made some very good friends with people who live thousands of miles away. If the URL isn't attached, I can't visit someone who's visited me that I'd never met. And where's the fun in that? My world would be a less bright place without all my blog-friends. I couldn't care less who's got a high page rank and who doesn't. I couldn't care less about it for my site, either. I hope you can go back to commenting when and where ever you damn well please, merely because it pleases you (and the writer you leave the comment for).

The rest can go take a long, flying leap off a high-ranking page.

stephanie said...

The whole "follow" or "no follow" debate is so out of my league. I don't have ads on my site so I'm not looking for the traffic for that reason. I just leave my URL because I know that I like when people leave their own URLs in comments on my page or on others' sites. That's how I've found most of the blogs I read now. If someone's comment catches my eye, I want to know more about them. I can't even comprehend how the whole follow, no follow, to leave your URL or not thing became such a big deal. If you don't want people leaving comments just to generate traffic back to them, either moderate your comments better or don't allow comments or URLs at all.

Unknown said...

I have such a hard time leaving comments for all the blogs I read. But it doesn't make sense to read a blog everyday and not leave comments! I wouldn't think it would matter whether or not someone was leaving comments just to get higher hits, because it their content isn't interesting, then they won't keep getting traffic to their site.

PS. Your children are so adorable!

Mojavi said...

i am only commenting so you go read my blog... lol hehehe *total wink*

actually I have to be the laziest commenter EVER! I read your blog everyday almost and I comment when I want to say something... so poo on popularity levels...

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Yes, I don't understand why someone would be upset that you are commenting on their blog. Why leave them open? I will probably start leaving my URL less on the big blogs, though.

But, BUT - I wouldn't have met some incredible people if I had not left my URL. For example, Monkey is a great example - she found me from a comment and now we are really good friends. Diana found me via a comment I had left and THEN, she found Rozanne via a comment Rozanne left on my site (I had found Rozanne via Average Jane)- now we all are good friends (several years running now!)

And today? I have a new commenter, Hunter's Prize. I hope she left a URL because I totally want to check her out. :-)

Unknown said...

I used to not comment at all -- just cause I never knew what to say! Now I'm just more comfortable doing it, though I stick to mainly the same blogs.

Love the pictures!

Tina Miles said...

I have to admit I'm the worst at commenting--usually I feel I have nothing to add (so why bother?), plus I read via Google Reader, and it just takes too much time to open up the post AND leave a comment (Oh, the agony of it all! ;-)

But--I went through all that to comment on Baby #2 getting more pictures--That's how it is here! For the same reason! We now have the digital camera so I was doing all these B&W and artsy shots that #1 never got...all he got was 20 million that we thought were all these different facial expressions and SO cute, only to develop the film and discover they all looked the same. And so I tossed them. (And started saving up for the digital camera.) And someday when they're counting pictures to compare who is loved more I'll just have to say "tough".

iowagirl11 said...

Honestly, I think that whole commenting controversy is a bunch of hooey. Like you said, if they leave their comment section open, why should they be upset if people leave their URLs? I've made so many friends online that I never would have made otherwise, had I not been brave enough to put myself forward via a comment or message board.

I'm delurking for only the second time to say this, but I'm trying to be braver about these things---you wouldn't leave your comments open if you didn't want to know your readers.

P.S. I have curly hair and I think Anju is ADORABLE and very lucky to have such a protective big brother. They're the best!

Onlythetruth said...

Wow Anjali has changed so much since I saw you last and the curls...oh I love the curls so you better save something for me to eat, maybe a toe??

The whole commenting thing is just weird to me as well, I comment when I feel compelled, recently those days have been few and far between so I haven't been commenting on anyone even though I have been reading.


Rozanne said...

Well this whole commenting controversy is news to me! How silly. I have never questioned the motives of any of the commenters on my blog (except the ones that are obviously SPAM) and I think you should *most certainly* leave your URL whenever you leave a comment. I would have been very sorry to never have met you or any of the other bloggers I found through the comments they left on my blog. Blogs are supposed to be an interactive medium for heaven's sake!


Sweet pix of Arun and Anjali. Her hair is looking pretty darn curly. And her eyes are quite blue. Do you think they'll turn more hazel like Arun's? I'm not sure at what age baby eyes change (if they're going to change).

Blondie said...

I can always tell when some commenter is at my blog JUST to get me to look at their blog. Because they say something like this "nice blog! Check mine out at XX." If you're bopping around leaving comments about topics you enjoy, that's all that matters. I don't think anyone will think you are trolling for visitors. You're just making friends--which is what the blogosphere is all about. :)

Heza Hekele said...

Didn't Arun have more hair than that at birth? I was so expecting pig tails on the way home from the hospital on Anjali!

CPA Mom said...

I understand what you mean about curly hair. My Eeyore has it in spades and I just want to squeal!

I comment because I cannot shut up. And I love my friends.