August 8, 2007

Why can't Diego just stay put?

And while he's at it, could he please!stop!shouting! He's giving me a headache.

So, in preparations for Arun's nursery school at my grandma's church, we had to get him a backpack. Today, we journeyed to Toys 'R Us in a holy quest for the Official 1st Backpack Eveh. This is where I started to get teary-eyed. Wait, that's a bald-faced lie - I actually began to get weepy last week at the mere thought of dropping him off and LEAVING HIM. It physically made me ill and I harbored dark thoughts of pulling him out all together. Then, we went to a La Leche League fundraiser Sunday evening and I couldn't keep Arun near me because he kept running away to play with all the kids. At that point, I knew pulling him out of nursery school would simply be selfish on my part. But I digress..... So, where was I? Oh...., we were picking out a backpack for him and holy crap - they were all TOO big for him. Way too big for my baby. Seriously. So I showed him a few that didn't threaten to topple him over and he chose the one with Diego. Even though we don't watch the program because I can't stand!all!the!shouting! However, the Diego backpack had an elephant on it thus, making the decision a no-brainer for Arun as he merrily threw his arms up while making his elephant noise. It's a testament to how much Arun loves animals because once he spied the elephant AND the bonus jaguar, little Elmo didn't get a 2nd glance, the poor red fuck.

Speaking of Diego, when I was at Toys R Us earlier this week for another purchase (yes, twice in one week. Sue me), one of the cashiers pointed towards Arun and exclaimed to another customer, "Look at that little boy - he looks like Diego!". The comment wasn't made directly to me, so I didn't have to respond and actually, I pretended I didn't hear it but geez. It's been a Diego kind of week.

So, things are going okay. There is a bit of Baby Blues Malcontent threatening to bubble up, but I am trying my best to keep it at bay. Overall, X and I agree that things are about as bad as we thought they would be and maybe even a little better. Having 2 kids is exactly as hectic as we had planned. What I didn't account for was this ridiculously hot weather which limits our entertainment options - a trip to the zoo or a park or crap, even our very own backyard would be much welcomed relief at this point. You can only chuck so many new toys at your kid before he gets bored with that. Or at least, your bank account rises a mounting protest and administers a well-deserved financial bitch slap. And rumor has it, television is bad for your kid. Who knew? So, our #1 problem is entertaining a very bored 21 month old. I am just grateful that he adores Anjali because holy crap - a bored, jealous 21 month old? Que horror!

Week 3

When I change Anju's diaper, Arun rushes over to help. I suspect he is simply relieved that it's not HIS diaper being changed.

He's as comfortable as he looks.

The hair! Is Fuzzy! Will try to get better snaps the next time I wash it.

Week 4
Baby acne is in full force. Poor thing.


Onlythetruth said...

You are trying to get a backpack that won't knock Arun down and I am trying to find one that won't cause my bank account to scream - they are freaking expensive when they get older.

I am so glad we got a chance to come and see you and people I will tell you Anjali is even more beautiful in the flesh and Arun is a humongous flirt.

Have you had a chance to try the wine???


Christy said...

I know that letting your kids watch TV isn't great, but how in the hell do people entertain their children when its 98 degrees outside? Although I wish that I didn't, I am guilty on turning on the Baby Einstein videos. I was kind of alarmed by fact that TV slows a babies vocabulary development. I need to get my ass to the store and buy some more toys for miss Porgie.

Anonymous said...

I read the Baby Einstein article too and let me tell you. I love baby Einstein, and so do my kids. But what a shocker! I shouldn't use it as a babysitter or to teach them to speak? This is amazing!

And also I'd like to add. I'd like to send my three year old and 17nmth old to the the stuffy ol professor from UW's house while he is trying to relax after a hard day of watching kids watch television and see what how he copes when he wants some down time.

Not that I feel judged or anything, but bite me.

Rozanne said...

"...the poor red fuck."


Super cute pix, as always.

Diana said...

I do feel your sadness over sending Arun off to preschool. I still get a bit sad watching Colin get on the school bus during the year and am having to actively not think about sending them both to school this fall. Doesn't anyone care that I'll miss them?

The only thing that snaps me out of it is remembering that for the first time in 9 years, I'll have the house to myself (and the pets) for a few hours on my days off. For you, it's time you can spend just with Anjali. Time you can do a few things with just one kiddo to watch out for.

Take a few deep breaths and meditate on that.

Or have another bite of chocolate. Either one. Or both.

Chelle said...

I remember feeling exactly the same way when each of my kids started pre-school, heartbroken at the mere thought of leaving them yet sooo proud of their independence. Thing # 453,634,863 They Never Tell You About Motherhood: It is emotionally contradictory at every turn.

See also, #453,634,864: The first backback is ALWAYS too damn big.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Sibling love photo is really touching. Reminds me of baby photos of me and Shweenie, though unlike Arun, I was less than nice about her arrival (more like really upset and confused). Heh.