August 15, 2007

Why are toy lobsters always bright red?

Think about it. Lobsters are normally a rusty brown while alive - they turn bright red after they've been boiled. That adorable toy your precious progeny is playing with? Yep, it represents a carcass. Albeit, a tasty one.

So........I usually refer to Rancid Raves as my Happy Place. However, it appears my green card has been revoked. I am not sure what to write. I feel paralyzed. Things are not bad. But they aren't great. Oh sure.....the kids are fine. Arun is SO sweet and full of personality. And fairly agreeable. These tantrums that I keep hearing about? Just a concept in some Wise Parenting Tome I once read in my fat and lazy days during my First Pregnancy (you remember the First Pregnancy? The one filled with Hope and Dreams?) Anyway, we have yet to see a full-blown, Category 5 tantrum out of Arun. I'll gladly ride that pony til it turns to glue, thankyouverymuch. And Anjali is also so incredibly scrumptious- very snuggly and tolerant of Arun getting in her face (all the time!). My kids are so fucking adorable it blows my mind. So, yeah - to quote Livia, "Poor me."

But they aren't sleeping at the same time. EVER. Which also blows my mind in its own special, unique way which I need to look into trademarking. Some days, I feel as if I can't even catch a breath because there is always someone wanting something. And the deadline is NOW. Oops. Yesterday...... Arun is still so fascinated with Anju that I am actually afraid of him loving her to death. Every morning, I feel the bed shake as he scampers onto it so that he can see "da bee-bee". He HAS to see her first thing and he HAS to kiss her first thing. Every morning. However, he has to be watched constantly. Constantly! And Anju? She has awakened from her peaceful newborn state. She veers between needing to be entertained to needing to be held so that she can go to sleep to needing to be nursed to needing Yet Another Diaper Change.

Need.....need......NEED. That should be the first line of those stupid "what to expect" books. Expect to be NEEDED, my friends. That's really all you NEED to know.

And what is totally kicking all of our asses right now is the weather. We NEED daily visits to the park. We NEED our backyard. We NEED our front yard. We NEED the Deanna Rose Farm. WE NEED TO BE OUTSIDE. All of us. Even my South Indian husband refuses to go outside. Dude. It's THAT hot. Arun is bored stiff inside. Anju looks in wonder at the world everytime we hustle briefly outside on our way to air-conditioning. I know that she also needs the stimulation of the outside world. And I need the exercise. All these months of being a slug are catching up with me emotionally and physically.

Again, with the Perspective. It's all temporary. All of it. Fall will arrive.....the kids will grow up. It's still the middle of August, 2007, though.


Anyway, while I am fighting deportation from my usual Happy Place, I've been skulking in other locales........

Over the Moon Over Lunar
Over at Kansas City Kitty, I've posted about Boulevard's newest year-round beer offering called Lunar. Boulevard Brewing Co is a Kansas City based brewery and their beers are YUMMY. However, it appears the Lunar brew may not be taking off as quickly as hoped. Which worries me because I LOVE this new brew.

Beer, Babes, and Boobs
Over at the New BoobLog, I've posted about consuming alcohol while breastfeeding. Believe it or not -- a breastfeeding mother probably can partake in an alcoholic beverage of her choice while breastfeeding. Shocking, but true. But only if her baby watches Baby Einstein while doing so. You know, to even things out .


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I know I already told you this but the age diff between me and shweenster is the same as between Arun and Anju and my mom says the exact same thing about the first phase of it-we were both babies and very very needy and she was constantly running around for one or the other of us.

I hope the weather turns soon-humidity, ugh.

Arun is soooooooooo much more gracious than I was, lol. I was definitely the post-infertility, post-loss-of-first-child Anointed One and being knocked off my pedestal took a LONG time to get over, apparently.

Blondie said...

I think it is so cute when older sibs want to kiss the babies all the time. But they come at the baby with such force that it's always a little shocking.

Goofy Girl said...

Dude, this heat's got everyone in a funk - young, old, kids or no kids. A cool front IS coming our way, like today, via a thunderstorm. Get those umbrellas and get those kids OUTSIDE! (I feel your pain, and I only got one kid) The pool isn't even refreshing - it's as darn hot as the outside air. Blech.

Lunar Ale - Everyone I've talked to LOVES this beer. Maybe I just hang in a non-Bud-Lite circle, but I don't see what the problem is. I definitely think there is a market for the beer and I drink as much of it as I can. Within reason. Ahem.

B, B & B - My mantra is "Everything in moderation." (see Lunar Ale above) Works for most situations. Unless there is chocolate or video games involved.

Also - looks like I will be having 4-day workweeks, at least until EOY - so let's get a lunch on the calendar. I can help entertain Arun with my lobster puppet!

CPA Mom said...

Heat..ditto. Weekends when the kids are home and we cannot go anywhere...ditto...August 2007 sucks.

And the 'need' part - I get it Just one day I'd like not to hear "mommy, I need..." the 20 bizillion times I hear it.One.Day.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Judging from my sore throat that made its appearance in the wee hours, it appears that Arun has been SICK. Now, I feel like a heel. Of course, he needed us. Sigh.

I am really, really grateful that Arun loves Anju so much - it would be so much worse if he didn't like her - I agree. Also, I have NO regrets having them so close together. All the age spans have their own pros and cons, I guess.

Methinks Anju could use a helmet. Poor girl.

Yes - a lunch is in order! Also, I forgot to give credit to Mr. Goofy for pointing out the Pitch article to me!

Holy Moly - he's going to actually USE the word "need" someday? Why don't they warn you about this BEFOREhand? :-)

Leah said...

I'm sorry you're in the middle of a rough patch. What's the saying about parenting? If you can tough it out for 2 weeks, everything will be different? It's so hard to be in the middle of it.

Re: the beer - (I couldn't figure out how to comment on it at the other site) All of you who like that place need to start promoting it on My husband is on their forums and often writes reviews of new beers. A review or two would probably get a lot of people talking about it, and if the beer is that good people will travel to get it. (example - Surly in MN) It's a good website. Beer snobs are annoying as are all types of snobs, but most people there are just interested in good beer. They qualify more as beer geeks than beer snobs usually. :)

Anonymous said...

Kinda like this?

Here's hoping things cool off soon and you can get outside!

Hang in there!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I have gone to Beer Advocate - I was a little afraid of those folks! And there's already negative talk about Lunar out there. However, I guess I should do my civic duty though and defend Lunar's honor.

Totally! Except, he says "da mama" over and over and over.

meno said...

They paint the lobsters red so that the Chinese plant that makes them will have something to do with all that lead-based paint.

I remember the first time i saw a real lobster. I wonderered why it was such a dull brown color.

Christy said...

You're right - this is all temporary. However, I can understand your frustration. I took Porgie outside for thirty minutes today, and I almost had a heat stroke. She didn't seem to mind the 90+ degree weather though.

Diana said...

Sleep deprivation on top of being cooped up? Any sane mom would be wanting to curl up in a muttering ball.

Yes. It will pass. In the mean time, revel in the lovely B vitamins that can be provided in a bottle of good beer.

brittany said...

I think I had the same week,

My 17mth was ccccranky! all week and then on thursday I came down with a stomach bug...apparently he was sick too!

Maybe if he didn't watch so much Baby Einstein while I was out at the bars he could have told me his tummy hurt and saved our week.