August 23, 2007

Can I have the last word? *

re: Commenting - I've decided to go ahead and leave my URL on comments I make. I debated not doing so, but when I got to thinking about it, I realized I would not have many of my good friends today if it weren't for commenting and leaving my URL. Period. Also, I discovered an intriguing blog last night via a comment on Anjali's** blog. If the author, Jen, hadn't left her URL, I wouldn't have found her.

re: The Funk - my general malaise seems to have waned a bit. This week, I've actually been getting up in the mornings looking forward to the day to come. It helps that we are all finally over our colds from last week. Poor Anjali - Arun didn't get his first cold until he was about 14 months and here she was barely 6 weeks already getting the sniffles (I even had to get out that bulby-snot-sucker thingie for the first time. That thing is a wonder. Albeit an incredibly disgusting one.) Anyway, I am happier and have been enjoying my kids immensely this week. I also have an incredibly pronounced newfound affection for X. I think I've always appreciated him, but I do so even more now. He has been so supportive and sweet. And did I mention his stellar skillz as a barista? Espresso totally makes my heart go pitterpatter. ***

re: The New BoobLog - Today, I posted a Dear Diary entry about the difficulties of breastfeeding a newborn in public while attending to a toddler. ****

re: Let's Get Linky - This week, I've really enjoyed Meno's post "In Praise of Nothing". Meno is one of those who was able to take an early retirement from her career and she talks about being satisfied doing nothing:
What i am doing is being perfectly happy doing nothing of any importance to the world. I'm so happy that i am not even ashamed of my lack of purpose.
I know what she means - I've often pondered what I am about in this world, sometimes I feel a tinge of guilt that I'm not even doing any charitable for my fellow man. I, too, get the question "What do you do?" and no, I don't go about trolling the malls all day. Most days are just about trying to suck some enjoyment out of this thing called Life. It's a short one and I hate wasting it. Which is why my Days of Funk piss me off and I hate being unappreciative of the precious privilege that is Breathing.

My 2 year anniversary of "staying home" was June 30th - it still takes me by surprise that I've only been out of the "working" world for 2 years. It feels like forever and honestly, I have NO desire to go back anytime soon. Even though the last few weeks have been tough, I'd still rather be nowhere else but here.

*Okay, I won't really have the last word if you comment.

** Yes, there is another Anjali in this world. Because, as I've insisted all along, Anjali is not that unusual of a name.

*** Caffeine will do that, I suppose.

**** I wish Arun could understand the phrase "If you don't get your diapered ass back here right this instance, I'm totally going to buy that creepy teddy bear backpack leash gizmo, I SWEAR TO GOD."


Christy said...

I would definitely leave my URL if I were you. I am always finding good blogs via the comments section on other people's blogs. If someone says something interesting or funny, I usually check out their blog.

I am glad that things are getting better. I suffered from a pretty bad case of the baby blues with Porgie. If its even half as bad this time around, everyone in my house is going to be miserable.

Girlplustwo said...

if you don't leave the URL, then how am i to find you. and dude, i like it over here.

Marilyn said...

Does it make you think less of me that I totally plan to get Liam one of those creepy teddy bear backpack leash things?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

NO. Because I realize NOW why folks buy them.

Mamma Sarah said...

When we went to the zoo last Friday, there was a kid with one of those monkey leash backpacks on. The funny thing... he had it on, but his parents were not on the other end of the leash.

Diana said...

I'm so, so glad you're feeling better! Nothing like being sick on top of everything.

Doing nothing is one of my favorite things.

meno said...

I have been away for a few days and i come back and find this lovely little bit of link love from you. Thank you.

I must rest now, so i can do nothing later. :)

Karen MEG said...

I just found you via whoorl, and wouldn't have if you didn't comment and leave your url ; so glad you did because... you are a freakin' hilarious girl! And your kids are beautiful!
I sympathize re: the staying at home thing - after working on school, career etc... I decided to stay at home for a bit since my little 'un was born, and she'll be 3 at the end of the year. THREE! At the beginning of every new season I start "thinking about" doing something, consulting or whatever, perhaps in the "next 6 months"; but I'm in no major hurry. They are growing up way too fast!
So in the meantime I'm hooked on blogging as "my place in cyberspace" - and I've met some really nice blog friends along the way.

Moderndayhermit said...

I found the entire URL commenting debacle completely ridiculous. I'm glad you decided to leave your URL, hell, that's how I stumbled upon your blog and just about every other blog I read.

We have the leash you speak of, Alex looks adorable with it! I used to be anti-leash until my Alex started to lose his every-loving mind.

Unknown said...

Oh, so glad you found Jen's blog. Reading it is the highlight of my day -- therapy, actually.

Heza Hekele said...

My sister tried to put my son on a leash once and I totally freaked! Then I met my cousin's then two-year-old. We (Me and my cousin's kid...I don't even recall if there were other children on this outting) tried to go for a walk to the park and made it half a block before he (my cousin's two year old son) darted in front of a moving car while trying to run away from me when I said, "Come here!"

Needless to say, we promptly returned home (ended up carrying him), my heart still beating out of my chest as I proclaimed to my cousin, "That kid needs a leash!" And she replied, "I know! There are two in the diaper bag..."

Apparently all little boys are not made alike...

Heza Hekele said...

The little bugger thought that running away from me when I said, "Come here!" was a hilarious thing to do, and I later saw him pulling the same trick with his mother...laughing the whole time, as he ran into another street!