August 1, 2007

But, will they?

You toil away, hoping your progeny will appreciate all your hard work.

I came to my love of celebrity gossip honestly. My Olathe Grandma has had a subscription to People for as long as I can remember. I spent many weekends at her house poring over those mags, getting all the skinny on Charles and Di (will he marry her even though she didn't wear a slip underneath that skirt? WILL HE? for the love of God, what was she thinking?) In fact, I still depend on that subscription - to this day, my grandma passes along her mags after she's done with them. Her generosity allows me to blow my hard earned bucks on US Weekly as well so that I never.miss.a.scandal. And yes, I fully intend to pass along this adoration of the Innocuous, Insolent, Inept and the Insane to my own daughter. She needs to appreciate the value of the much appreciated snap of celebrities pumping their very own gas and buying their own groceries. No?

Anyway.........we are easing back into a routine and things are going REALLY well. But to be truthful, we are living by a 90/10 rule. 90% of the time things are awesome, and 10% of the time I am slowly losing my shit. But, HEY........... you've caught me in the 90% Zone, so Squee!!! I am totally digging this mothering gig! La la la la........... Drink.More.Yellow la la la..... It certainly helps that I am gradually getting into a rhythm. For example, if I change someone's diaper, I immediately go ahead and change the other's diaper while I have everything out. It's all about scheduling - remembering that I need to start breastfeeding Anjali at around 1:00pm so that we are all done in time for me to put Arun down for his nap. Taking a shower as soon as I get out of bed. It's that whole "fool me once" concept. Or, it's just drinking more Yellow Tail. Either works equally well.

In other news, X has finally realized this blogging thing is comprised of REAL people with heartbeats and such. A few of my blogfriends have sent lovely, thoughtful gifts. As I open each one and get all blubberly, X is all "who are these people?". Then, I tearfully explain "oh, this is so-and-so from Wisconsin and oh THIS one is from so-and-so from Virginia". Then, I squeal and say "OH! this is from so-and-so from Arkansas". But, it's not only the gifts. I really appreciate all the emails and comments. To know that so many people are pulling for you. wow. I'm approaching 3 years of blogging and I suspect X thought I was just farting around on the Internet all this time.

Little did he know that I was making friends.


Jenny said...

Oh, yeah, my husband believes most of the people I am making friends with on the internet are really serial killers waiting to snatch my identity. Of course, this thing with the pregnant girl who got rescued the other day doesn't exactly help.
I like the Clos du Bois better than Yellowtail. Although the screwcap is nice. :)

Mamma Sarah said...

I don't think that hubby's get this whole blog community. Mine thinks just like X does, but he does think it's cool that I've got these "mystery" friends out there who are so supportive and caring.

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how that works? My husband was happy I was putting energy into this blog thing and making blog friends -- less energy to spend on nagging HIM. heeehee.

And Cagey, how can someone NOT love YOU? You are a smart, amazing woman! At some point I want to go to KC and meet you!

Diana said...

After meeting several of my blog friends, Charles knows you are real and talks about you as such.

Sara also discusses Anjali and Arun (she's seen the pictures as she's seen those attached to my blog) and comes up with all sorts of scenarios. Today, for example, Anjali was coming over (what? 500 miles?) to do puzzles with her because ANJALI LIKES PUZZLES. So sayeth Sara.

meno said...

That cover is awesome, but shouldn't she be heading into rehab? You know, for the exhaustion?

Blondie said...

I love the cover. It's fantastic and totally feeds into my love of celebrity gossip. Yeah!! And I can't wait to come and meet the tots next time I visit Dorothy. :)

Christy said...

You seem to handle everything so gracefully. After I have Izzy, I fully expect to have a nervous breakdown. I will be looking to you to help keep me sane.

CPA Mom said...

Hi X, I'm "so and so from Virginia!" I LOVED the birth announcement. Thanks for sending it Cagey.

I'm intrigued...Tell me more about Yellow Tail...for my research for my new "job" at The Whinery, of course..for RESEARCH

Leo said...

My grandma loved the celeb mags, too! My hubs thinks I'm an Internet addict, too! I didn't send you a present, though - but here's all my bloggy love.