August 9, 2007

Why am I here?

After a particularly bad day this week, I was tempted to post a diatribe of all the sins committed against me. I resisted the temptation and instead posted tripe about purchasing a backpack for my kid. And I felt better after having pulled out the positive and writing about that instead of the negative. In a nutshell, this is why I blog most of the time. It helps me keep Perspective on what's going right in my life. Because for the most part, everything IS indeed, going right.

Tomorrow is my 3 year anniversary of blogging. During the past few months, I have had a total questioning from myself regarding blogging. Why do I do it? Why do I spend so much TIME doing it? What am I getting out of it? How can I do better? Do I want more readers? If so, how do I get them? Should I post more? Should I post less? Does any of it matter?

Some of these existential mental meanderings did concern the BoobLog. Last week, it came to a head - I had to take Arun to a last minute appointment for an infection, a friend needed my help in the afternoon and X needed me to do some things for the Big Idea. On top of this, I was VERY stressed about getting a post out for the Nursing Your Kids site. After that day, I realized that I needed to refocus my priorities. Therefore, I did submit my resignation notice this week and will no longer be posting at Nursing Your Kids. I LOVED writing that blog. In particular, I LOVED writing a topical blog. But I didn't relish posting 5 days a week and I was never entirely comfortable with ads - all of sudden, I was concerned with hits and traffic. Actually, I HAD to care. I'd rather just write - whoever wants to read, can read. Whoever doesn't want to read, can click "Next" and move on. There was a time when I used to care about hits and traffic on Rancid Raves - and I didn't like caring back then, either. It made me question what I wrote. So, I will no longer be doing the Nursing Your Kids site. I've been a little down about it this week because I HATE quitting things. However, I will still be writing a breastfeeding site - breastfeeding is a topic that I am very passionate about, but have never felt comfortable writing about here. It's not a topic that concerns everyone and I didn't want to "force" it on anyone. Therefore, I have set up another blog called A BoobLog and I will be posting there a few times a week.

So, after much thinking, I've come up with my new blogging plan. I will continue to post here and am hoping to start writing more. I also want to get better about replying to comments - I appreciate and look forward to every single comment I receive. I should start showing that appreciation. Also, I am a lazy contributor to Kansas City Kitty and I would like to start posting there as well - my goal is every other week on that one. And then, I'll be posting on A BoobLog. But most importantly, I don't have to post at all if other things come up.

This afternoon, Arun refused to take a nap and needed extra attention. Then, X called at the last minute for some wordsmithing of a document on which he's working. On top of all this, Anju was fussy and just needed to be held. And I was more than glad to do it.

All of it.


Lisa said...

Hey, I've been having a crisis too. Still no real answers on my end. It sounds like you have a plan lady. That's great. And I agree, when you are constantly looking at your rankings, it DOES take alot of the fun and creative release out of writing a blog. Amen to that!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

For me, first and foremost, blogging should be fun. Second, I realized I need to be able to back away from it for a week or so should the need arise.

I've spent a few weeks thinking about this and am pretty happy with the decisions I've made.

Average Jane said...

Happy blogging anniversary! I just want you to know that I enjoy your blog immensely and I'm always excited when I see a new post pop up in my feed reader. Don't start feeling any pressure about posting - it should always be fun or at least cathartic.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Average Jane,
Thanks! Actually, I owe you a DOUBLE thanks for being such a great role model that convinced me to launch into blogging myself.

I broke my blogging cherry on Throwing Things, but you were my first Real Life friend who was blogging and made me see how much fun it could be!

Moderndayhermit said...

I have a lot of blogs on my list but there are only a few that I read immediately when I see my feed list is highlighted and this is one of them. Happy anniversary!

I recently decided to just can because circumstances don't allow me to get into the creative side of cooking as often as I used to. On one hand, it's a bummer but on the other, I don't feel atabela knocking on my door when I realize it's been a month since my last post, haha. Goodbye, guilt.

Mamma Sarah said...

There must have been something in the air today. Alex is refusing to nap as well, even though he is dog tired! **sigh** Guess I'll go rescue him from his prison.

Christy said...

Cagey, you are amazing. I admire your ambition with regards to blogging. And taking care of two babies has to be hard. You are my hero.

Diana said...

Happy blogiversary to my first 'blog friend'! You speak of others inspiring you but YOU are an inspiration, yourself, at least for me.

I am selfishly relieved to see that you'll keep this blog going.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Modern Day Hermit,
Your blog is also one that I rush to read over others!

Mamma Sarah,
Oh, sister - I feel you. Have I mentioned Choxie Chocolate Pistachios? I hear they are great! (evil laugh)

Healthy doses of Baby Einstein if one wants to get serious about blogging.

I always love telling the convoluted tale of how you, Average Jane, Roxanne and all of us met - and how Christine of the Rabbit Lived deserves much credit! That is a great example of the beauty of blogging and how it connects people in seemingly mysterious ways.

Blondie said...

See no guilt.
Feel no guilt.
Hear no guilt.

I love your blog!! :)

Blondie said...

PS: Totally interesting breastfeeding post here:

Unknown said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! Hope there are many more to come.

Most people have to rearrange or shave down things a bit after #2 comes along. Don't feel guilty -- we mothers do enough of that.

Bethany said...

Happy blogging anniversary (a bit late).

I'm glad you will continue the BoobLog as I am hoping my boobs will work this time around and I'm sure I will need advice!

I have been neglecting my blog lately since I feel pretty lousy and need what little energy I have for my family and job. At first it bothered me like I was letting someone down. Then I realized my blog is really for me not anyone else- now I don't feel (too) bad.

Jenn said...

I'm glad that you are still posting something about breastfeeding. When I had Allie breastfeeding went all wrong and by 8 weeks I was completely done and Allie was on formula. STILL I'm upset about it and SWEAR that this time (especially with a longer maternity leave) that I WILL make it work.

And I'm planning on using you as my sponsor so to speak....that's ok right?


Rozanne said...

Happy Blogiversary! Good time to take stock, it sounds like and rid yourself of the burden of having to post 5X a week on the Nursing blog. Much better to take control so that you don't start to resent having to post.

Frema said...

I'll miss you on Nursing Your Kids. I'll be giving a go at breastfeeding in December and have learned a lot. But I'm glad you'll be posting about it elsewhere, on your own terms. I'm managing two blogs right now, and it's hard. I try to give my best to both, and I never want to abandon my personal blog, because that's how I came to find the amazing gig I have with, but there's only so much of me I can dish out at one time. And once this baby comes? It's all a crapshoot.

Anyway, good for you. And Happy Blogiversary!