June 30, 2005

And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?

It is still a bit surreal that I am leaving the working world. Fortunately, it will be buffered a bit by the fact that I might be traveling nearly every week in July so it may just feel like an extended vacation at first. I don’t think it will sink in that I have really left until August. Frankly, leaving a job is usually anticlimactic. I always expect a big hubbub of excitement, but it generally ends with me quietly leaving the building by myself.

So, I get to work this morning and my Not So Supervisor (NSS) has left a card for me on my keyboard (she is not here today). It’s got two cute little puppies on the outside and the inside reads as follows:

I wish you the best. Enjoy your time with your baby.
Not So Supervisor

What? No “I really enjoyed working with you!”? No “You were the best employee EVER!”? No “Cagey, you ROCK!”? It was sadly apparent that she made the barest of feeble efforts to maybe ensure I don’t burn her in my exit interview this afternoon. I really don’t intend to burn her and I have practiced my speech accordingly. “NSS is trying really hard but I think she is in over her head. She just doesn’t have the maturity or experience for the position that she is in. Frankly, I do feel sorry for her because I know the position is stressful and she has had a lot thrown at her.” Does that sound like constructive criticism? I really don’t want to completely rag her, because then it just sounds like a vendetta. However, I do think that HR needs to know that she is not up to task in terms of being an effective leader.

Tonight, we leave for Vegas and I am MUY excited. As I have mentioned before, I have friends and family there, so I have been going regularly since I was a kid. I like to get there at least once a year and as I went twice last fall, I am tracking ahead of schedule. I am slightly sad that this will be my final kid-free trip for a long while – the last chance to hover at the craps table until 3:00 am or whenever my toes go numb – whichever comes first. However, at least I can rest assured that it won’t be my last EVER trip. Indeed, I have so many nice, cozy memories from my childhood that I certainly hope to provide my own children with such memories as well. I am not certain I will sneak the little Freeloader into a gaming area so he can pull the slots handle and I seriously doubt I will slip him keno cards on the sly, but I certainly wouldn’t mind taking him to feed the fish at Lake Mead. Anyway, we are staying at the Wynn which adds even more to the excitement as we haven’t stayed at a resort since our honeymoon. We don’t really have many plans other than meeting some folks for dinner, taking in a show or two and RELAXING. Oh, and LOTSA CRAPS. And a visit to the Bellagio Art Museum. And a visit to Gail’s Knits ( and Lord have mercy, there are having a summer SALE). I am hoping since my craps strategy won’t be grasped in the hazy confines of alcohol that I can hone to perfection my latest move of betting on the Come line. I made a little money from that in December and can’t wait to try it out again.

Of course, X is bringing the Love of his Life (laptop), so I may have the chance to post while there, but otherwise, I may go dark for the first part of the week.

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