June 20, 2005

When is Tuesday?

I had planned to be clever and witty for today. Something along the lines that this blog may go dark this week - I am leaving in a few hours for a business trip to Seattle (TUKWILA, actually - bleh). The Fed is sending some of their operations from the downtown Seattle site to a brand new site and we need to go in to set things up. They claim we will have network access there, but well, seeing is believing - particularly when you work for the Fed.

Anyway, I couldn't compose anything entertaining for this morning because I spent a good portion on the phone with my insurance company (or rather, waiting on hold for my insurance company). Some idiot decided to ram into my car Saturday afternoon in the Target parking lot, then said idiot decided to up it a notch and be a JERK about it. I suspect it will be a game of "he said, she said" and that we will end up having to make the claim on our insurance. I don't normally handle these Life Injustices very well, but my fury is abating a bit with each passing day. Today, I think I have hit the 5 Year Rule point so it is not eating me as much. What's the 5 Year Rule? It's my own little mind game I play with myself. I try to convince myself that something won't matter in 5 years and that I should let it go because usually the very thing that I am obsessing over REALLY WON'T MATTER in 5 years. For example, a minor fender bender in the Target parking lot.

See, I feel better already!

Update: I am looking at my neatly clipped grass (the lawn service just left) and the fresh vacuum cleaner tracks in my office (the cleaning service just left). Gulp. What a nice (and timely) reminder as to how good I have it. Now THERE'S a little bit of perspective for my day.

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