July 7, 2005

Can you win at the Wynn?

Why, yes you can WIN at the Wynn! But you can also LOSE at the Bellagio. I was up $100 at the Wynn before I went to the Bellagio to donate $250. My net loss was $150, which was really NOT that bad considering how many hours were spent standing tableside throwing dice. Most nights, X would stroll off to bed and I would meander over to my 2 favorite buddies in Vegas, Die #1 and Die #2, known collectively as “dice”. Furthermore, the craps table was conveniently located very near to the elevators to our rooms- SCORE. I could not have asked for a better last kid-free venture to Vegas. I was even TIRED of playing craps by the end of the trip.

Frankly, I lack the creativity to provide a "story" that "flows" right now. Instead, I present for you, a smattering of my meaningless thoughts and observations from the trip.

Cagey and X are LOSERS: We stayed at the Wynn for 5 nights and even paid for a nice room (one level up from the base). It was so worth it. We had a gorgeous, southward facing view of the Strip through an entire wall of windows - this was a particular treat for me because I am used to staying on the south end itself, facing northward instead. Furthermore, we spent an inordinate amount of time IN our room so we really got our money’s worth- X had to work a bit, we watched TV, we read our books, we napped. Yes, after awhile it did get a tad boring but in hindsight, we needed to unwind.

Rental Cars Rock: I have been to Vegas without a rental car before and it is just not worth it. We went to Red Rock Canyon since X hadn’t seen it before and then we took a leisurely tour through the hills southwest of Vegas. Another day, we drove around Lake Mead, over Hoover Dam and into Arizona. It was nice to just drive around the area and show X my favorite parts. We generally love to do that anyway - hop into a rental car on vacation and roam around. We are like little old people going for a Sunday drive in that way. The Freeloader’s gonna HATE us.

Tone Deaf Indian in Airport Lounge:While I know that you were mighty proud of yourself for having a laptop that plays fancy DVDs, was it truly necessary for you to HUM along with all the Hindi songs?? Did you not see that I was rolling my eyes? Did you not notice that my husband, also an Indian, was not impressed? Did you really not catch me elbowing said husband and sniggering at your expense? Could you just shut up already?

Danny Gans: We saw the Danny Gans show at the Mirage. It was very good - I even peed my pants. Okay, okay, maybe an admission of incontinence from a Pregnant Chick may not be considered such a glowing endorsement, but really! The guy was so talented!

Inappropriate Bra Brandishing: In my book, it is generally accepted that Vegas is where Fashion goes to bury its head in shame but DEAR GOD - when did it become acceptable to wear any old ratty bra and let it HANG OUT? Good grief, girls - you are window shopping at Chanel, Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Jean Paul Gaultier all while sipping your $7 lattes. OBSERVE.

Louis Vuitton: Um, frankly, I just think his shit is ugly. I don’t get it. Can someone out there explain the allure of a purse littered with the initials “LV” all over it??????

Granny Shoes: I am not really into Fashion since I am too cheap and have no imagination. I do, however, have a pair of sandals that I have gotten an inordinate amount of compliments on to the extent that I do believe these sandals to be considered “cool”. As such, I wear them with pride. Imagine my grief when I discovered a little old lady wearing these very shoes with HOSE. I was crushed - CRUSHED, I tell ya!

Pre-Boarding: Belly Watch 2005 is paying off! I wasn’t able to get into the A boarding class for my Southwest ticket but discovered that the little Freeloader has allowed me to be eligible for Pre-Boarding (this is my 3rd flight on Southwest in the past 6 weeks and I am JUST discovering this?). Yes, I felt like such a total lame ass shuffing along with all the old foks and physically challenged folks, but admit that it was worth getting a seat in close proximity to the bathroom. In fact, ALL bathrooms are quickly becoming my New Best Friend. Refer to comments regarding Danny Gans.

Note to Lady in Preboarding Area outside gate C16 Wednesday morning at the McCarren airport: Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to respond “Oh no? You look awful big!” when Pregnant Chick replies that she is, in fact, due in freakin’ OCTOBER. While I am the first to admit that I was already overweight, I have it on good authority from my doctor that my 13 pound pregnancy weight gain is quite acceptable, YOU OLD HAG.

Step-Grandma Visit: X left Vegas earlier than I did and this allowed me to spend some Girl Time with my step-grandma, Colleen. As I have said before, she is from India (coincidentally, just like X, she is a Catholic from Kerala ). My grandpa was working on a movie in India during the late 60s when he met her and married her - he did GOOD, too. She was in her early 20s - he was in his early 40s (they were married for over 30 years). Therefore, Colleen is only 6 years older than my own mother and has always been more like an aunt than a step-grandma. This is the women who bought me my first mascara and is the one I would always share the juicy details on dating and such. Anyway, spending time with her was so comfortiing and I have to admit that I loved being pampered by her this visit- she may be an American now, but she is Indian at heart and knows how to stuff a person to the gills - like a proper Indian woman SHOULD. We relaxed and caught up on things. We met my cousin for dinner and a movie - we saw Bewitched, which was as “not good” as people said it was. Meaning, it certainly wasn’t a BAD movie, it just wasn’t that great of a movie, either.

Well, this completes my first post from home on the Mac. It was weird because I had to start my routine from scratch and then wrap my thoughts around it to get this hammered out. I am such a creature of habit, but it wasn’t that hard to get the hang of it. It is certainly more relaxing to post from home with a curious kitty observing, than to pound one out furiously over a lunch break from Big Al’s pad.

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