June 15, 2005

Have you had YOUR shots?

Yesterday evening was delightful. My friend C* needed a ride to a car dealership that just happened to be near to where I live. So, I invited her over for dinner and some Samurai Jack viewing. It was nice to do something spontaneous for a change. It made me think of those carefree days in college when I would just drop by a friend’s place to see what they were up to – after that, anything could happen – a jaunt to the lake, a bar, a coffee shop, or a movie. Due in part to lifestyle and location, I rarely do spur-of-the-moment things with my friends these days– there is usually some careful coordination involved. We all live so far apart that the off chance of just “running into each other” is rare. Anyway, it was a nice, relaxing time last night.

So, I went to a family reunion on Sunday. For the most part, I see the branch of the family tree that emanates from my great-grandpa quite frequently. What I don’t usually see is the other branches from my great-grandpa’s 4 siblings. This gathering was HUGE and I didn’t recognize quite a few of them. It struck me as odd to think of how many times I must pass relatives at my local Target never realizing that we are related.

At the reunion I got my first Pregnant Chick Buddha Belly rub, folks. It wasn’t that bad! Now, of course it came from someone I KNOW, so I suspect I won’t be as lackadaisical about it when a stranger tries to put the moves on me.** I also discovered that I have a better chance of winning the lottery than our kid having his own unique October birthday. October is freakin’ filled for this clan, that’s for sure. I don’t mind though – there a few birthdays that would be particularly special for the little Freeloader to share. In fact, I do have my hopes pinned on the 11th which is my great-aunt P’s birthday. Speaking of Aunt P, I also got my first glimpse into my upcoming new gig as Unemployed Pregnant Chick because I took her with me to the reunion.*** I love her, really, I do – she is my very favorite of all my great-aunts. But man oh man, she is slow as molasses. In case I was worried about not appreciating all that free time heading my way, a few trips to the grocery store with Aunt P will cure of me of that in no time.

*I have SO MANY friends that have names that begin with C! For example, this C mentioned today is a different C than the one who went to Columbus with me. I guess all my friends ala “C” have their anonymity virtually guaranteed! Too funny

**I think my standard response will be “Stand back!!! He doesn’t have all his shots yet!"

***In a continuing bid to score more points on MY Spouse Card than X has on HIS, I granted X a pass on this family gathering. Furthermore, he got to watch the game Sunday night with the volume all the way up on the GOOD TV. Score more for me! Sunday was a lucrative night, folks.

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