June 10, 2005

Was The Corrections corrected?

I feel much better today. It’s amazing what a bit of havarti and gouda cheese consumed while watching HGTV can do for one’s soul. Yes, you read that correctly. I come from a family of Cheese Obsessives, we have never been that into sweets. I suspect that a meal of cheese and crackers with pickles has the same affect for me as ice cream does for others. Interestingly enough, just blogging about my funk made me feel a good 10-15% better! In accordance with my blogging motto “Blogging is virtually free, therapy is not”, another psychotherapist should be ruing the blogging phenomenon* that surely has deprived them of potential clients.

Moving on……………
I am a Re-Reader. Meaning, I will gladly re-read a book that I loved the first time around. As an official Re-Reader, I generally don’t re-read books that I did NOT like the first time around. This rule had to be bent recently because of a book club selection. I had read The Corrections by Jonathon Franzen quite a while ago and really, really did not enjoy it – I thought it was a sad, depressing, dark, dank read. However, for my Wino Book Club**, The Corrections was chosen. The choices for me were to re-read the book or not attend the meeting - it had simply been too long since I last read it to provide any meaningful input to the discussion otherwise. I was originally not happy to have to re-read it, but I wonder NOW – who was THAT girl that read The Corrections the first time around? Apparently, either the book has changed or I have changed because this book is the funniest darn thing I have read in awhile!

Anyway, Monday is my first ultrasound for the little Freeloader! I am holding out for a kung fu hamster, but suspect it will be a boy or a girl. We shall see. At a minimum, it will be nice to confirm that the little tyke is indeed a lonely little Freeloader and not joined by partner. I’ll post results as soon as I can. At a minimum, it should be a funny story because my mother and BOTH grandmothers will be in attendance.

*Notice, I did not say “fad". I believe blogging is here to stay – yes, the numbers may wane over time, but blogging is not going away anytime soon.

**A clever creation by my friend A that combines a wine tasting with a discussion of a book. Genius, I tell ya!

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