July 1, 2009


Welcome to Pet Week here at Rancid Raves!

So, yes - we have three cats, two tarantulas and now, one dog. If it was my choice, we would have a kick ass aquarium, a 4-horned chameleon and a third tarantula (a greenbottle blue!) However, I think my husband's patience has been pushed to his max.

When I tell folks we have two tarantulas, invariably, I get a simple "Why?". I also get an "On purpose?" , which is my personal favorite. As if two tarantulas meandered through our front door and we let them stay the night.

I see all of these "pets" as a privilige and I am glad that we can do it. Having animals can get expensive, not including the fact that it helps that we live in a house with a yard and thus, have enough space for everyone.

I think most kids are crazy about animals, no? My kids are nutso about them - we have all forms of toy animals littered about the house and at this point, Anjali prefers animals to dolls and Arun prefers them to cars. I am sure my own love for nature has helped this along. I am not afraid to catch all sort of critters in our yard as Arun discovers them. Currently, we have a variety of plastic containers littering our house filled with all sorts of ghastly contents. I am glad that I have the stomach for it.

Last night, Arun was beyond thrilled to have found a garden snail in my sister's yard. Later, when we were about to leave, he was positively distraught that he had lost it - fortunately, we found it. This morning, I went to check in on him and found him snuggled up with his snail (in his bug bucket).

I hope he nevers loses that sense of wonder.


Vanessa is my cat from my Single Girl days and was most certainly a Child Replacement Model (Pet Peeve #234789 When folks won't admit they get pets to fulfill the desire for babies, then proceed to neglect the pet when the human children arrive.) Vanessa was named for the character Vanessa Lewis from the soap the Guiding Light. She is the sweetest, shyest and snuggliest of the cats. She is so desperate for affection at all times that even the kids are acceptable alternatives means for attention.

Harry (Black cat) and Pearson (Orange cat)
Pearson (the orange tabby) is the first pet that X and I got together. He is a pain in the ass, but we love him. Pearson came "pre-named" from the shelter. Harry (the black cat) showed up on our doorstep one icy, snowy night and quickly figured out that not only do we serve premium-quality cat food but that we are complete suckers for mild-mannered felines that wrap themselves around your legs looking hungry. He is named for Harry Potter. The grey cat? Is a neighbor cat who wanders in our yard and our HOUSE if the door is left open. This scene cracked me up how all three cats were just hanging out, so peacefully.

Madison is an avicularia versicolor, also known as a Antilles Pinktoe. She is pretty skittish and I am always a little skittish myself when opening her container. Not because I am afraid she will bite me, but because I am afraid she will escape! I chose the name Madison because it is a Top 10 Baby Girl Name and I have a twisted sense of humor.


Sofia is supposedly an avicularia avicularia (Common Pinktoe). However, she is really way too colorful for an a. avic which makes me suspicious that she is a cross-bred avic and was misidentified by the breeder. Sofia is super laid back, I call her the stoner of the A. Avic set, because truly, she is just not as highstrung as a. avics are generally known to be. I do "pet" her but rubbing her rump sometimes, but overall, I think tarantulas don't LIKE to be handled, so I am in the Do Not Handle Your Tarantula camp of that particular debate. Sofia's name? Again, look at my tasteless sense of humor. Also, I have not yet changed Sofia's cage yet - I was waiting for a new molt and I need to get on it since she molted a few months ago. I had a troll on Flickr who went all Free Range Tarantula on my ass about the size of Sofia's cage, man she would be FURIOUS if she saw that i had not changed it.


stephanie said...

I can't imagine myself ever owning a tarantula (on purpose!), but Madison is GORGEOUS! I never, ever thought I'd say that about a spider.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

When Babu was still alive (our first cat) he was best friends with the cat next door, Leo. Leo would come calling for him in the morning, precisely at 8:30 a.m. every morning.

Julius is definitely my furbaby!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I have a similar reaction as stephanie's...wouldn't see myself owning one, but those tarantulas are beautiful!

meno said...

I almost touched a tarantula once, on purpose. It was a brave act for me. They are beautiful.

Love the kitties hanging out.