July 9, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

Today is Anjali's birthday! There is something about the 2nd Birthday that is pretty cool - this year, she is aware that it is her birthday. As such, presents, cupcakes, a song and attention are required, thank you. Although, you can "Ixnay on the pankingsay". She knows better.

And we are more than willing to oblige.

I could wax poetic on my little girl, but that would be redundant since long time readers of this blog are already well aware of exactly how tickled we are with our girl.

Instead, I will share some favorite photos and quotes with you. If you do not mind.


NO! I can do it myself! (this includes buckling herself into the car, pouring her drink, wiping her own butt, getting out of the car, doing her taxes.....)

I get a handstamp. Den you WEAVE me. I missed you and I CWIED. Can I have a muffin? (She LOVES going to the gym's nursery. Don't believe a single word out of her lying lips.)

Mama! Dat cart stuck in the MUD. It's SCARED. We hafta save it! To the rescue center! (Abandoned shopping carts left on the side of the road inspire compassion in my wee one. Could not be prouder. I guess.)

Ni-hao, Mama!! (Are you seeing a theme with the television, here? Awesome. If she starts calling my dad "ye-ye", we have got real problems, folks.)

RAWR! I a scarwy MONSTER! (Indeed.)

I have ONE neck! (Damned shame, or we could make millions on the carnival circuit, no?)

Anjali and the Giant Cantaloupe

Baby girl loves her some FOOD.


CPA Mom said...

I opened my day planner and saw it was her birthday....2 years already!!! She is such a beautiful girl (and your spitting image). Happy Birthday dear girl! Have all the cantelope you want today (and CAKE!)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

CPA Mom,
When Anjali see snaps of my sister or me as babies, she points and exclaims "Dat is ME!".

However, she actually has Manoj's eye shape and lips. But because she has my face shape, eye color and nose she can fool folks into thinking she looks just like me.

Not as if that will get her far in life, though. Heh.

kristen said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! She is beautiful and looks more like you all the time.

Caleb's #2 is tomorrow and last night we had to go through everyone that will be at his pAee! Half of them he said could NOT come. This could be interesting.

This year kicks last years butt as far as the party goes. Last year Caleb kept walking around looking at people like they were trespassing. this year he is so excited (I am too).

Hope you and Anjali have a great day celebrating another trip around the sun.

LL said...

Happy Birthday PBAnjali! She's just gorgeous, I am deeply jealous of the eye lashes.

Landon's #2 is next Wednesday and I can't believe we're there already!

Greg said...

Happy Berfday Little Lady! Love that #2 picture!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Happy Birthday, plucky lady!

meno said...

Just a little grammar correction here. Shouldn't that be ankingspay and not pankingsay?

Just teasin' Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl.

It's amazing how fast other people's kids grow up.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday peanut butter! you are going to breaking all the hearts soon, not just your mama's! Those eyes! That tude...you so cute.

your adoring fans...the stitches

Mamma Sarah said...

Happy Birthday girl!

flybunny said...

Happy Birthday "Tulie".

wow, look at her. She has changed so much in the past couple of months! We can't wait to see you all on Saturday.

Moderndayhermit said...

Wow, just look at her! Such a big girl!

Happy Birthday to Anjali!

Vikram Christopher said...

Happy Birthday Anjali :) She's absolutely beautiful. I came across your blog as I was blog surfing.

Anjali said...

She is such a darling. Happy 2! And congrats to you, too, Mom!

Christine said...

A very happy birthday!

Rozanne said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl.

Love all her little sayings--esp. the one about saving the shopping cart. Heh!

aibee said...

Happy second birthday, Anjali.

Much, MUCH love from the other end of the world.