July 7, 2009

Why are there five syllables in the word "monosyllabic"?

Am feeling the need to take a break. Last night, I actually pondered a post about how Anjali kept exclaiming she had one neck. As in, "I have ONE neck, Mama." And then, I was debating whether to talk about how when asked to count, she commences with "uno...dos...tres...." even through I have not taught her a lick of Spanish and how obviously, she is watching too much TV. In that vein, Arun is now officially obsessed with Bindi the Jungle Girl and insists he is Arun the Jungle Boy as he parades around our house with a notebook and pen speaking in narratorical tones "This is Vanessa. She is a jungle cat and eats cat food and this is her friend the jungle cat Harry. Vanessa likes to sleep at night and is afraid of dogs. We must be nice to jungle cats. They are our friends."

And then, I was going to talk about how the marketers have finally found me because I am getting pitches for garages sales sites and bottles of stuff that will clean my washing machine. Which completely squicks me out because dude - is my washing machine not already clean? Fear not, gentle reader, I am sparing you sponsored posts on those particular subjects. I will sell my soul for tacos, but not household products. I have standards.

And then, I was going to talk about how my husband worked in the basement yesterday but it did not help because he was still working in our house and little by little that mere fact is driving me slowly insane oh my god why can he not just leave the freaking house already I am supposed to be the stay-at-home parent here why the hell can I not just sit in the house day after day after day??

And then, I was going to talk about how much I enjoyed the first of the Spellman series - Izzy Spellman is smart like Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone but hilarious like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum. I was going to rave about how I love how it is set in the TenderNob area of San Francisco, an area with which I am intimate because that is where we always stay while in town and I know the neighbhorhood like the back of my hand from hoofing the hills. I was also going to complain about how frockin' slow the 1st book in the Outlander series was but also about how quickly the 2nd in the series, Dragonfly in Amber, has gripped me. YUM.

And then, since I was on the subject of books, I was going to rave about how excited I am for Jennifer Weiner's new book, Best Friends Forever, is coming out and about how she is one of the few authors left who makes me feel the urge to purchase a book all sparkly and new-like as opposed to waiting for a dirty, grimy copy from the used bookstore. Still, I sorta wished she would have named this new book Love Ya Like A Sister.

And then, I was going to apologize for my snippy post yesterday about BlogHer and was going to promise my roommates that I am not planning on stalking them throughout the conference. And I would like to promise the entire conference that I will not be the dork sitting in the corner knitting away. Not too much. Anyway.

And then, I was going to bitch about toysellers on Amazon that sell toys for 2 to 3 times as much as what you can get the same damned toy elsewhere. About how I bought Anjali a wee dollhouse for $15 at Wal-mart- the same dollhouse selling for $30 on Amazon. Dude, that's just rude.

But then, I decided that would be entirely way too boring of a post and that I probably should take a day or two off from writing.


D. Jain said...

Hooray, I'm so glad you're reading the Outlander books now!

I've pre-ordered the new one that's coming out in September and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

CPA Mom said...

I've read the outlander series several times and have the pre-order in for the latest.

Never heard of the Spellman series but I'll get them now. Thanks!

Kelly said...

I discovered the Spellman series from my SIL and LOVED them!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I really like Elizabeth Peters Crocodile on the Sandbank/Egyptology series (burning through that at the Barnes and Nobles in Champaign got me through the breakup of my engagement). Except as in most long running stories-it veers off the crazy train after she introduces the kids etc. etc..

My fave mysteries are still Dorothy Sayers, though.