July 6, 2009

Are these truths that evident?

Over the weekend, the astute and talented Mr. Isaac Spaceman on Throwing Things created a lovely little diddy pondering what would have happened had our founding fathers been all wired up with access to email and such - LOL Revolutioncats. Dude. I declare this Today's Required Reading. A sampling??

From: jadams@mass.col
Sent: July 3, 1776, 2:38 p.m.
To: benf@penn.col; tomjeff@monticello.com; livingstonipresume@ny.col; rsherman@conn.col
Subject: RE: George

And so I was like George, chill out, just have some tea and stop the drama for a minute and he goes "TEA, great idea, comes from somewhere, goes somewhere else, I tax it everywhere, gonna put some CHROME on my CARRIAGE." So I said, George, do you really mean that? And he goes, "got a problem with it? Let's have a drink and talk about it IN LONDON see you in seven months hope you don't get scurvy on the boat over ha ha." I mean what could I do, he just doesn't get it


From: livingstonipresume@ny.col
Sent: July 3, 1776, 2:47 p.m.
To: jadams@mass.col; benf@penn.col; tomjeff@monticello.com; rsherman@conn.col
Subject: RE: George

that dude crazy ;)


Why are you still here?? Get your ass out there and read the rest.

There is not much to be had here today - just the usual Fireworks Recap, or the My Husband Grilled a Kickass Tandoori, or the I Read A Grand Book Scribbling or the usual My Baby Girl's Birthday Is This Week Lament. Which I will spare you.

Now everyone say, "Thank you".

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