July 3, 2009

Who is your worst enemy?

A while back, we ripped out some major bushes. As in "20+ year old evergreens and bayberry bushes" - backbreaking work, but it was worth it. We removed 7 evergreens and 3 bayberry bushes. The problem is that after ripping out these bushes, we suddenly had wide expanses of raw dirt that needed to be landscaped - or something to that effect since my version of landscaping includes loose bricks and mulch. All of that raw dirt inspired hope. Hope that I would plant something interesting. Hope that I would drive to an actual plant nursery instead of veering through Lowe's after a trip to the grocery.

I planted some filler boxwoods in one portion of the landscaping and some ornamental grass in the other. Then, I went about the process of hoping. And I continued to hope. In fact, for well over a month, I hoped. In the meantime, that raw dirt sprouted weeds. Which began to flower. I can imagine the extent to which our neighbors were impressed with these botanical developments.

And then I realized something. Something I have suspected for years. I am my own worst enemy. Time after time after time, I create my own stress.....my own worries. I am not a yard person. I enjoying lounging in my yard, but not actually working in it. I was creating completely unrealistic expectations for myself that I would most likely not meet, yet I would surely flog myself for the failure to meet them.

So, yesterday. I veered into Lowe's and picked up three more boring boxwoods. Okay... Okay.. I love boxwoods, so it was not that painful. Yesterday afternoon, I planted them. And in the evening, I sat in my front yard watching my kids catch lightening bugs and playing with our new puppy.

I need to let go more often.

Git 'er Done
The Landscapin' Edition

Before. Part 1. This is an old picture and actually, this section was covered in weeds before I pulled them all yesterday.

Before. Part 2. Also, an old picture and also, covered in weeds until yesterday.

After. Obviously. (right? Please say "right".)
Stay tuned for Part 2.......

Gratuitous Puppy Snaps

Just like having a baby. And yes, we discuss her bowel movements and nap schedule. Awesome!


Unknown said...

The fact that the dog's name is Lucy makes me happy for two reasons. First, I always think of the actress Lucille Ball when I hear that name and many nights of watching I Love Lucy reruns as a kid. I actually wanted to name my next cat "Lucy." Second, it'll be cute to hear the kids calling the puppy "Wucy" due to their pronunciation of their L's :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I kill plants within 1 week so I'm the worst possible person to give landscaping advice-but if gardening isn't your thing, go the easy route. My parents have always had an elaborately landscaped yard with a huge garden, and it eats up a goodly portion of their (and when I was young, my sis and I were responsible for the watering) time. But that's what they LOVE, so it's a pleasure, so not a stress for them. I mean, my dad stresses about the grass and is having a competition with the Greek (The Greek lives across from them and put Corinthian columns on his split level home) about who has the better lawn. Last week The Greek came over and conceded that my parents have improved the landscaping since they bought the house from the prev. owners but has my father noticed the crabgrass around the edges? And it was ON, dude. My father then went out and dropped another $200 to gussy up the mailbox area because The Greek's mailbox area isn't currently landscaped and now the Greek is having mulch delivered and do you really want to get caught up in these shenanigans? Because that's where yard fervour gets you.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

My dad "stresses" about the grasses, not in an overwhelmed way, but a "peering out the curtains at the neighbour" way-you know when you love something obsessively and you're determined to the best? That way.

MB said...

My landscaping looks exactly the same, minus the boxwoods. Over 2 years ago I pulled out all the diseased bushes. I thought I was doing the neighbors a favor when this year I finally upgraded from pile-o-dirt to pile-o-mulch. I call it my mulch garden.

It inexplicably started sprouting parsley and tomato plants (perhaps seeds blown from our back yard?) so now I can call it my salsa garden.

I never go out the front door anyway, so I stopped caring a long time ago! Best neighbor ever!!!

Marathon Mom said...

She is adorable! Can't wait to meet her in person.

Greg said...

I. Am. Impressed! Nice work on the landscaping. I've heard it said many many times that simple is better. Applauding the hard work! Makes me want to do something to my yard now - besides rip ever last inch of grass out and start over...

Olivia said...

We tore out 50 year old evergreen bushes two summers ago. Since I'm pretty lazy when it comes to yard work, I just planted easy bulb plants like tulips, hostas and daffodils. Then I sprinkled a wild-flower mix in the rest of the bed. I don't even have to water that often.