March 2, 2009

What child is this?

Lately, Arun has morphed into Hellboy. No, seriously. Gone is my sweet boy of yore who used to snuggle, ask for things politely and treat his sister like a princess. Instead, I get roared at by a boy-sized dinosaur, ordered around by King Henry VIII and trounced upon by Hulk Hogan. What the frock happened to my boy? Will he ever return? Is this just a phase? Will he live to see pre-K?

Anyway, with all these shenanigans, Anjali's poll ratings have increased dramatically. Her campaign run for the 2009 title of Sole Heir to the Oliver-George Fortune is getting off to a smashing start and as such, Arun better watch out or he will end up living in a dumpster wearing all of my costume jewelry.

Sigh. Posting will still be light here for a bit more - please bear with me. I am working on some things for FoodieBytes while trying to wrestle this house back into order. Actually, "pummel into a pulpy submission" is more like it. The house, not FoodieBytes. Besides, the Double As sometimes (not often!) demand my attention for the few seconds they can wipe the drool from their chins as they pry their peepers from the television. Ni hao, Kailan!

Oh, and speaking of the Double As, I went to purchase underwear for Anjali in the hopes she would eschew her diaper in disgust and decide to be the Leader in using the facilities around here (see again about her standings in the Polls as compared to her Jurassic Era brother, she has nothing to lose, people.) However, while at Target today, imagine my pained chagrin when I discovered Diego firmly camped in the BOY'S underwear section and Dora holding her own court in the GIRL'S. Argh. Don't the kindly folks at Nick Jr realize that Dora and Diego are total gender benders? Boys and girls love them equally, kumbaya. Get with the picture, Nick Jr. Anyway, I am hoping that Anjali will not be insulted if her underwear has flaps, right? Therefore, Diego, it is (and some Dora with Hello Kitty for good measure.)

In the midst of all this toilet turmoil, I am trying to decide what to do about my video and photos. I currently have most of them on the Mac, but I am debating whether to just commit to my PC. If I do that, I have to decide what sort of software to use for video and photos on the PC. Ideas? Should I just stick with iPhoto and update the OS on the Mac? Seriously, the OS is original 2004 (with some updates, of course.)

Anyway, I should get back to re-arranging furniture.

The Bluest Eyes of the Internet

Flybunny and her daugher came to visit!

The Boy Who Did Not Know He Was Extinct

Catching Shrimp At A Japanese Steakhouse.


Anjali said...

Is by any chance Arun getting close to 3? That's when the "fun" started with my two...

Unknown said...

Our boys are only a couple weeks apart and let me tell you...Alex loses his mind at least once a day. He's always been a little stubborn but now????

Help me, please.

I'm sure it is just a phase. I hope anyway.

On the PC (or Mac) download a trial version of Adobe Lightroom. It's a great piece of software and compared to Photoshop it is reasonable in price.

Link to Lightroom

For video you can use Premiere Elements 7

aibee said...

Why hello there, Dinosaur!

Also, hello three, you weirdass FREAKY little age.


Average Jane said...

Arun sounds like he's behaving the way Ian does these days. I certainly miss his "I love everyone" huggy phase, particularly compared to the current, "Whatever it is you want, I'm not having it" phase. :(

Anonymous said...

I'd try to be reassuring, but mostly I'm just so fucking relieved that someone else has to go through this, too.

We're just now coming out of it, some days. It is one hell of a long slog, though.

Mojavi said...

there reallky are not many options for video and photo editing in the PC world/ THere is one program called studio but it sucks! and you still have to convert all your video to mpeg inorder to use it... I say update your mac and get on with it :)

Mojavi said...
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Swistle said...

"Pummel into pulpy submission." Love it. I'm going to try this. Because usually that's what THE HOUSEWORK does to ME.