March 24, 2009

Can you still "stare off into space" when you are actually in space?

When I finally began going back to gym on a sporadically regular basis, I was quite excited to learn that I had increased the weights I was able to lift. On most machines, it was 5 lbs, on several it was 10 lbs and on one machine it was 15 lbs! Wow. It meant that lugging around Team Chaos on either hip all this time had paid off. That's great, right? Right!

A few weeks ago, I was resting between sets and happened to gaze upon a sign that said "Conversion Chart". Apparently, all this time, I had been lifting weights marked in kilograms. Kilograms. For the Metrically Inept of you out there, this means that my weights lifted had actually increased by 11 lbs, 22 lbs, and on that one machine, 33 frockin' lbs.


Last night, I made mac n' cheese with hot dogs for dinner for the very first time ever in my children's teeny, tiny lives. Normally, I begin cooking dinner at 4:00pm since I am usually doing a fair amount of prepwork with cutting onions, fish/chicken, veggies, etc. Because I was doing an "easy" dinner, I began cooking at 4:30pm. Sure, I figured I would be done earlier than normal, but I thought it would not hurt to eat dinner early for once.

I was done cooking at 4:45pm.


While listening to the radio the other day, Britney Spears and her creepy, electronified voice came on. In the middle of the song, I could have sworn she sang "But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me." At first, I was a bit shocked, except then I noticed that the title of the song was If You Seek Amy.



Unknown said...

You've missed the whole "OMFG Britney Spears is cursing at us in her song, her song her SOOOOOOOOOOONG" debacle going on with the daytime Fox/CNN/HLN shows?

I think she's looking for shock value. She got it.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm glad I mostly only listen to NPR.

I would guess the Amy part is taken from "Chasing Amy" but who knows.