March 26, 2009

What's in the bag?

Handbag Thursday [hānd'bāg' thûrz'dā]
1. A Canal Street knockoff of Jodifur's Shoe Friday.
2. A lame attempt at regular blog fodder by invoking my own accessorized day o' the week.
3. A frivolous little feature that allows me to talk about handbags every week. What's not to love about that?

Okay, we are back to some fun, frothy nonsense. This blog is not about Heavy Lifting anyway, right?

This week's bag is from the lovely Monkey. When I began Handbag Thursday, she told me about a funky bag that had been given to her as a gift. I have been pressing her to send me the snap ever since and I was excited to finally see it. Apparently, this purse is made by a company called Ecoist and they were featured in In Style at some point because Carmen Diaz has one. Monkey's purse was made with gum wrappers from Mexico. A quick perusal of the site myself and I am already in love with the Coca-Cola version. However, the Barcode version brings back vivid memories of my mindless days as a checker in a discount grocery store in Lawrence aptly called Checkers. Yum.


MLE said...

Having seen this handbag in person, I can attest to its awesomeness. (And I'm not even a handbag person)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Thanks for featuring me! I have some other different purses I'll send you snaps for. Bless my sometimes-snotty sister's heart-every time she and my brother-in-law travel somewhere she brings me back a purse so I have a collection of random purses.

I also like the Coca Cola purse but it wasn't out when they bought me this one. The Barcode option is the one Carmen Diaz has, if I'm not mistaken.

I like the purse but it's so funky you're sort of limited to a jeans and white tshirt outfit or similarly plain getup when you're using it because it is so crazy looking.