March 27, 2009

Where is my snake?

These were 2nd set of words out of Anjali's mouth today (the first was "tell the monster to go away, mama". Bad dream, perhaps?) When Arun came into the room with his toy snake, she was adamant about finding hers. While it is cute, this competition of theirs, it is also tiring. We do not have two of everything around here, I am not trying to run a Noah's Ark Service for toys. Although, I am about ready to buy another goddamned Nerf gun because I am so tired of the fighting and whining. I will admit that I am a wee bit proud that my sweet baby girl knows how to load it, although she cannot quite cock it yet.

While I am mommyblogging today, let me tell a quickie about Arun. The other night, I asked him what did he want to do when he grows up - I expected an answer about taking care of animals, charming snakes, driving a racecar, uniting the world into a big, gooey group hug of peace and love. But no, his answer was, "Mama, I want to reach things." To be sure, he was probably thinking of that pair of scissors stored high, high away from him.

So, have you heard about that little site called Zappos? I suspect this is not a newsflash, but wow - that place rocks. Last night, I purchased a Sherpani backpack from there and immediately upon checkout realized I had missed the option to enter my gift certificate (an early birthday present from my mommy. Thanks Mom!) I sent an email and the problem was fixed within 10 minutes. Via email. Oh sure, their prices are not very competitive, but with free shipping and stellar customer service, Zappos will be getting my business again. They are currently batting 2 for 2. Not bad!

Speaking of backpacks, I am ditching the whole handbag thing for awhile. Last Saturday, we went to the Natural History Museum at KU in Lawrence (Total Sidenote: if you live in Kansas City and have kids who are as crazy about animals and dinosaurs as mine are, get theeself to Lawrence. It is totally worth it. We bought the membership, which is a bargain.) Anyhow, as I lifted the kids up and down and up and down to see exhibits that were inexplicably too high for children, I kept struggling with my handbag falling off of my shoulder. In general, I am finding that as we cruise parks, museums, children's farms, the zoo, etc. that the handbag is very inconvenient. I need something that will just hang on on my back as I lug around 60 lbs worth of Kid. I have been lusting after that backpack for well over a year now, so I am pretty excited. Although, the entire paradigm shift of not having a girly, cool handbag makes me crumble a little inside.

Finally. In conclusion about scribbling potentially controversial posts:
Folks, that sucked a lot of time out of my life that I will never back.

Thankfully, I did not get flooded with traffic, but it was weird traffic. As such, I felt I had to keep an eye on comments more closely than I normally would. I could have moderated comments, but we are out and about so much, I was simply not home enough to approve them, which would have stifled the conversation.

So, Overall, I am going to try and be more faithful and honest with my voice here but I was a little alarmed by how much time it took to monitor all of that. This is a creative outlet for me, not a job!


Anonymous said...

Love that backpack! And it's infinitely more fashionable than the fanny pack my mom used instead of a purse when we were kids.

I do love Zappos for their convenience and the reviews (I usually check their reviews before I buy anywhere else), but their prices... ugh. They are good when you realize you need a specific pair of shoes for a special occasion in a pinch though. (And I haven't done this yet, and it's probably cheating, but with their great returns I could probably just use them as a virtual fitting room and then return to buy the same shoe cheaper elsewhere. Hmmm.... )

Anjali said...

Zappos is a bit pricey, but they have free shipping BOTH WAYS. So if you get the wrong size, it's free to mail it back.

The only time I used them was when I needed a specific pair of shoes for one of my kids, couldn't find them in stores anywhere, and I wasn't sure about the size. I got them, the shoes were too small, and then I sent them back (for free). Before they received them, they sent me the next pair.

Dee said...

Love the backpack! I just switched over from my diaper bag to a small backpack for most outings and it is so much easier than a bag that constantly falls off my shoulder!

Lisa said...

I thought of you alot last week. We were in KC, MO. Didn't know if you were on the MO side or the KS side. Had I been thinking ahead I would have sent an email begging to meet you!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

My favourite as a kid was always the science museums because they usually have the most interactive displays. I've probably been in every major science museum in North America, actually.