February 26, 2009

What's in the bag?

Handbag Thursday [hānd'bāg' thûrz'dā]
1. A Canal Street knockoff of Jodifur's Shoe Friday.
2. A lame attempt at regular blog fodder by invoking my own accessorized day o' the week.
3. A frivolous little feature that allows me to talk about handbags every week. What's not to love about that?
They* say one should blog for oneself first and foremost. And as the majority of us bloggers know, just because you blog and pour your heart and soul into your wee space, it most certainly does not mean the audience will come, much less read all those precious letters you just painstakingly pecked out. Heh. This means, that it is imperative to actually enjoy what you are doing on your blog. Astounding, I know.

As I mentioned last week, I am establishing a Handbag Thursday, my own little accessorized day o' the week. I see now why Jodifur is doing Shoe Friday - for no reason other than it is fun. I would like to give her a hearty thank you to her for encouraging me to plug forward with my Canal Street knockoff, Handbag Thursday. She was even gracious enough to provide this week's handbag.

This week was hectic and I got a lot of things done around the house and even in the yard (3 hours, one pile of branches and 7 bags of lawn refuse. And that is just the front yard, which is still not done. *groan*) (Oh and thank you February! I apologize for smiting your name.)

So while I could not write much this week, I really looked forward to Thursday and doing a silly post about handbags.

The Seatbelt Handbag, Made Entirely of Seatbelts

Again, thanks goes out to Jodi and her green little heart for providing this week's handbag. Al Gore would be proud.

*Who is this "they"? Why do "they" just not identify themselves, already. Damned cowards.


jodifur said...

It is so much fun. I love pink happy heart and fluffy!

Anjali said...

You know, I don't even like purses. But this one rocks.

Mojavi said...

a friend of mine got one of these

Unknown said...

nice range!!Shawls and Scarves

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice purse . . . I would get this even if it wasn't green!

Swistle said...

That bag is sooooooooo cute. I want to pet it.