February 4, 2009

Why do the fish not all die when lightning strikes the ocean?

I suspect Dr. Sears has never written about this particular hazard of co-sleeping:
At times, your husband will lose his grip on reality and cave irrevocably to your child's demands. When this happens, you will find yourself sleeping with a big frocking fish tucked in under the covers between you and your child. The most common breed of fish found in these situations is a rainbow trout, but there have been a few undocumented cases of catfish observed co-sleeping in the family bed.
Exhibit A: Big Frocking Fish
Notice the leering child, brimming with unabashed conquest and greed.

Alien Invasion
Not So Average Jane and her husband, waiting anxiously for the Monsters vs. Aliens trailer during the Super Bowl.

A Mouse in the House
I promise we do feed her. That is, if we are in the mood. And only if she is really, really good. Otherwise, yes, we do leave to forage for her damned self.


Jenny said...

Anju in the pantry - priceless. Fish in the bed - um, no. I think I'd find myself sleeping in the guestroom and let crazy husband deal with that one all night.

Marathon Mom said...

What a great picture of Anjali just helpin' herself. That girl knows what she wants and goes for it! That's a good thing, she won't let anyone walk all over her.:)

Anonymous said...

Why yes we did have that fish enter our lives as well, and no I don't *ahem* know where it is now? *cough* garbage.

Mojavi said...

that is the biggest fish i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Um, so your pantry is entirely too neat. The fish would absolutely have to "swim away in the middle of the night". The kiddos are keepers.

M&Co. said...

Oh man! I did a 3-D Glasses post too! They are too funny. I even put them on the dog. But she didn't see the humor in it at all.

Anonymous said...

In our house the cosleeping partner is a life sized stuffed golden retriever. The things we do.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...


Just wanted to let you know that our local NPR station, KPCC, did a bit on co-sleeping this morning. I was hoping that I'd get to hear it before I got in to work, but no such luck, they got stuck talking about repatriating Guantanomo detainees and I never got to hear the piece. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to look it up and review it with your thoughts. I think they have podcasts at kpcc.org-I'll try to find it for you.

Anju in the pantry...heh.

Rozanne said...

Cute, cute, cute!