February 18, 2009

How does a dinosaur use the toilet?

Now that is a book I would like to see. Arun and Anjali have entered the Jurassic Era of childhood whereby they are completely in love with all things dinosaur. We are well-versed in the ways that dinosaurs consume their victuals and the subtle techniques they use in saying goodnight. I am very much interested in how they use the toilet as Elmo's technique for relief of the bowels and such is not cutting it around here. Perhaps, Edwina could help a mommyblogger out - she bakes chocolate chip cookies, surely she knows how to use the toilet all lady-like, too?

Lately, for those of us in Kansas City, February has been a spiteful little bitch while toying with our meteorological emotions. Last week, I was wearing shorts, trimming my shrubs and trees after drooling throughout the lawn and garden section in Lowe's. Now? I am shivering in a coat and fighting a chest cold. Bah.

Tomorrow, I am launching a silly feature - Handbag Thursday. And yes, it is totally a Canal St. version of Jodifur's Shoe Friday. I will explain what went down between Jodi and I in tomorrow's post. Ah, the suspense! No? Oh.

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Mamma Sarah said...

Hooray for suspense. :-D

Anonymous said...

we are familiar with the dinosaurs..and their 'ways'....

CPA Mom said...

since you are sick, you need Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?

Alison Kerr said...

Have you seen that dinosaur book where there is a hole to put your face in like the photo op things you get at museums? Or "That's Not My Dinosaur"? Cute books :-)