November 11, 2008

Are you writing all this down?

That is what my Olathe Grandma asks whenever I relay a Cute Kid story for her. Oh, Innernets, if only she knew. If only she knew. Oh sure, I have tried to explain my blog to her, but I suspect she thinks the Internet is some great vortex of mysterious cables that involves electricity. Which you should know is dangerous . Folks, electricity kills, as she constantly reminds me when she discovers my coffee pot has been left plugged in. I tell her I prefer to live on the edge, but she is not convinced.

Anyway............ Um, sometimes, I feel like a cruise director. Every single day, I hear from Arun "What are we going to do today, Mama?" He will probably ask for detailed itineraries when he learns how to read. Folks, just smack my ass and call me Julie. Furthermore, whenever Arun and I discuss what we are about to do next, he always, always asks if Anjali will also be participating. As if we would just leave her at home to fend for herself. So, overall, the whole Haircut Incident was a little sweet, because he probably thought he was doing her a favor. And knowing her, she probably giggled the entire time. Which only served to encourage him. Rinse, repeat.

I have some video of Anjali telling her version of events. I also tried to get her to show off her fancy-fangled usage of the English language but you know kids, they never show off when the camara is rolling. She can do quadratic equations in her head, but would she defer to do while I am recording? Of course not. Darned kids. I have a blog that needs material, damnit.

Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the Prosecution from Kelli Oliver George on Vimeo.


Mary said...

Oh my gosh that is so sweet my teeth hurt watching it! My son is just a few days younger than Anjali and he says "NEIGH!" the same way, practically screaming. No other animal noises are made this loud, just the horse.
He can't say Yes though, just NO!
Keep posting these, they are better than anything on TV.

PS the word I have to type below is "goidess". That sounds like an actual word.

The Gori Wife said...

She's so cute!