November 2, 2008

Why bother?

Truly, there is no sweeter candy than that which has been pilfered from your child's hard-earned stash.

Anyway.....Johnson County, Kansas, the county in which I reside, has had record turnouts for advanced voters, which leads me to believe that November 4th is going to be mayhem. I have a plan - we are walking to the polling place (it is only a half mile down the road) and I will have the brand-new DVD portable player fully charged and stocked (DVD player was purchased for a canceled roadtrip, not for the elections. I swear.)

So, yes - I AM, indeed, voting. Even though my Blue Ballot will likely be lost amongst a sea of Red Ballots and ultimately, will not really matter.

I debated titling this post "What if?" That was my response to X's pointed question of "Why Bother?"

Um. I will not be participating in this year's NaBloPoMo - you crazy kids have fun with that. Two years in a row have burnt me out for this year's. However, I am enacting my own little event called NaBloPoWe and will be posting for the first week of November. I am hoping this will jumpstart me out of the blogstipation from which I have been suffering.

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Anonymous said...

If the Kansas Caucus was any indication, the polls are going to be CRAZY. Maybe there's enough blue this time around to make a difference - at least in Johnson County, anyway.

I'm planning on getting to my polling location the instant it opens. I hope my 8:15 a.m. status meeting gets canceled that day, just in case.