November 1, 2008

Where did October go?

It is a valid question, to be sure.

So, in our garage, is some chocolate hidden in a basket under some tools. X will never be the wiser. I totally ROCK, when it comes to chocolate thievery.

Yesterday, we went trick or treating at X's client. The Double A's quickly caught onto the scam and were quite willing to take candy from strangers. Of course, Anjali did the typical toddler move of placing treats back into buckets in exchange for new, shinier goodies. Also, for someone who only just sprouted molars she showed some major nerve by consistently grabbing for Milk Duds.

By evening, Anjali was pretty pooped, so we only took her to the immediate neighbors. Then, Arun and I headed out by ourselves. He had a blast and was not shy about the whole thing. My two favorites moments from the evening were:

While still at home, I had left the door open as I was rummaging for some tools to fix the decorations outside. I heard someone outside and by the time I got to the front door, Arun was already there placing treats in everyone's bags. He even had to rummage for the treats in the dining room to be able to pass them out. It was funny to see him - he looked so grownup, yet was half the size of the kids at our door.

Later, while trick or treating, he had just left a house to meet me at the sidewalk. I asked him if he had remembered to say thank you. Before I could stop him, he ran back to the house, knocked on the door, waiting patiently for the person to answer, shouted and enthusiastic "Thank you!!", then ran back to me.

My Not So Favorite moment was when I returned to our house by 8pm to discover that my husband had handed out 90 lollipops and over 70 mini-tubs of Playdoh, yet accused me of not having bought enough treats. He had totally ignored my One Treat Per Kid edict. Argh.

Neil Arunstrong and the Wicked Witch of East Olathe


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Did he also tell the kids not to stay out too late and work hard in school? Ask their parents about the economy? LOL.

"You kids be good now, y'hear?"

Goofy Girl said...

Because of all the extra Halloween candy we managed to accumulate last year, I created a friendly little nymph I call "The Haloween Fairy" - who looks for a bowl of candy left overnight and replaces it with a cool toy.

Candy gone. Kid happy. Dentist bills avoided.

A good fairy indeed.

Kelly said...

Why didn't you tell me you have a cute astronaut!? He and Hudson can start planning their space mission!