November 23, 2008

Why do British people never sound British when they sing?

I have always wondered.....

Some bits and pieces o' Random.
Despite my last post that made me sound like I am Scrooge McGrinch over here, that is not the case. This year, my family has gotten all cheapish with the adults and as such, gentle reader, fear not for the children. Besides, as anyone who hangs out with me knows, each Christmas and Birthday, I obsess endlessly over what to buy my kids. Not because they care, mind you, but rather, I want to get them a toy or two that will have ample Entertainment Mileage and that they will play with for a long time. It has absolutely nothing to do with fulfiling some special magical dreamy desire on their part but it has absolutely everything to do with me. It would like to get my money's worth and perhaps, even a moment of peace. To boot, this year has a Special Challenge - the Ultimate Toy that will bring my children together as they peacefully play in harmony as angels sing on high while I drink my wine and watch my stories. Thus far, I have rolled the dice on a play kitchen and I am on the hunt for another thing or two that they might both like. And that will be it, save for a few stocking stuffers.

Speaking of holidays, the Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide is pretty awesome. I do not normally read this site, but came across the link and thought it was useful. Wow - there are some great thoughtful yet, affordable ideas in there. (Note: They are also holding some sort of contest. Notice how lazy I am that I did not bother with it.)

I HATE naps. There, I said it. Arun is finally over his nap, thank goodness, because it was seriously messing with his nighttime sleep. I wish Anjali would give hers up as well. Neither of my kids are good nappers and it is usually more effort than it is worth to get them down. When or if they ever went down at the same time, I usually spent the entire time biting my nails waiting for one of them to get up. It is not like I ever felt I could that time to start a project, say, fixing our toilet or regrouting our tile. Argh.

I love, LOVE fruit juice, but consider it a waste of calories and money. Worthless. At home, the kids drink water or milk (soy and bovine.) However, after waging a bloody war with Arun in attempting to get him to take the Nastiest Antibiotic Known to Man, I found a juicebox that masks the Nastiness. However, this Friday, Arun will done with the Nastiness as will access to the beloved juicebox. This could get interesting.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Just wanted to let you know the person who watched the videos of Arun and Anju multiple times this weekend was Big Bird-he got a huge kick out of them. You're doing more to advance my baby bird cause than anything else, Cagey!!

Anonymous said...

For that matter, why DOES Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day sound British when he sings, even though he's from San Jose (and is named Billie Joe)?

Pooks said...

We drink V8 Fusion in our house, so that we're at least getting some fruits and veggies in our juice. My 18-month old loves it, and so do I frankly and I'm not a big juice fan usually.

I have a question for you, Cagey. I'm in your area (JOCO, KS) and I'm looking for a cleaning service, any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't really count as British, but I do prefer to sing with an American accent. Funny that.

About the toys, we are on the same wavelength. I posted today begging for ideas, because most of the toys out there just seem like repetitions of stuff we already have.