March 21, 2008

Why are memes so under-rated?

Administrative Note: When I wrote about name changes the other day, I was not implying that mothers should have the same names as their children. I think in this day and age, folks do not really give a rat's butt about that kind of thing. It is just a personal hangup on my own part that I wanted the same last name as my kids.

So............... As I have said before, I think memes are the Rodney Dangerfield of blog fodder - I think they are fun. Colleen tagged me for one ages ago, but I had trouble with it. It was one of those "6 Random Things" meme, but we all know that "random" is just code for "interesting" and that no one really wants to know that your fingernails grow at an alarming rate (mine do and it is a pain in the ass). So yeah. It took me awhile to think of something not as random and maybe more interesting. Eventually, I just gave up and went with random. My apologies.

So, without further ado, here you go......
  1. I have to make our bed every day. Every.Single.Day. Without fail. Even if it does not get made in the morning (which is rare, so very rare), I will make it just before I hop into it at night.
  2. I hate the sun. HATE IT with the passion of a thousand burning ones. Bah. I prefer nice, chilly, damp, cloudy days. Bliss, they are.
  3. My hair has been going gray since my early 20s. I vaguely remember the actual color of my hair. Brunette? Once, someone asked X what the color of my hair was and he said he did not know because it changes every month.
  4. When I write with a pen or pencil, I use my middle finger to guide the pen, not my pointer finger as Normal Folks do.
  5. I love junkin'. One thing I miss about my Kid Free days is trolling through antique malls and flea markets. I cannot wait to take Anjali and Arun when they get older, but it is a little too stressful to drag them through those places now. The best places to go junkin' are the ones with crap piled a mile high and stacked in tight quarters. Antique malls are not exactly the kid friendliest of spots.
  6. I love maps. Two of my prized possessions are my great-grandmother's geography book from school (1907) and a physical globe that my Great Aunt P gave me (1950s). I have maps on walls throughout the house and treasure my atlas from the early 90s that I bought on payment because I could not afford to pay all at once. I thought having a GPS in our car was a total cop-out and I protested it, but in truth, I have had to so much fun with it. I use it quite frequently to find short-cuts or to take interesting detours. My favorite kinds of vacation involve flying into an airport, hopping into a rental car with map in hand or staying in a city and trolling the streets with map in hand. Add some public transportation into the mix and I am on Cloud 9.


Anonymous said...

RE: #5 - If you can get a babysitter all day on Saturday, May 3rd, you can accompany us (and another couple) to White Cloud and Sparks for the gigantic flea market. We're already scheduled for breakfast and a road trip.

Lisa said...

I need to go on vacation with YOU. At least you have the guts to go someplace new, grab the map and not freak out. (Like me!)

Diana said...

I am there with the bed making and so there with the maps. Right now, though, I'm dying for the sun to melt some of this damn snow.

Moderndayhermit said...

I hate the sun. Hate it. I'm with you on that 110%. Why made me move to Phoenix, I'll never know. The clouds are what I love.

Before Alex was born Richard and I used to visit antique malls and such. It was awesome. I found some awesome stuff...pyrex, very cool coffee mugs and china it.

CPA Mom said...

I have to make my bed every day too. I cannot get into an unmade bed!

My 5 year old has the same affliction/blessing.