March 7, 2008

Where is everyone on Fridays?

Seriously - why are folks not out and about in the blogosphere as much on Fridays? Where are they?

Anyway..... it appears that a dinner/lunch at Shalimar will be in order this July - if you are going to BlogHer 08 and are interested, please let me know so that we can coordinate.

I was really divided on going to BlogHer this year (I waddled my way through BlogHer 05 while pregnant with Arun and then sweated my way through BlogHer 06 because all the rooms were so damned hot.) Honestly, I did not really care for the Santa Clara and San Jose locations and was so disappointed I missed out on the Chicago location. However, the venue this year sold me. Union Square? DUDE. I am there. It is an awesome location and easily walkable to some fun spots - Chinatown, in particular. I am very excited about showing Anjali a bit of SF. Strictly speaking, she has already been to SF, but she was just an embryo. (Just a note to all the mommybloggers out there - I highly recommend getting a NON-drinking roommate if you are schlepping your kids along to the conference. Surely, Monkey will not mind watching my kid for me while I go clubbin'. No?)

Also, I am a smart one - I even included a line item for "wardrobe" in my BlogHer 08 Budget. Seriously - the last time I bought nice summer clothes was for BlogHer 06 and that would be pretty lame to have photos of me in the same damned clothes as before. Yikes.

Okay - enough about BlogHer - a very boring topic for those not going this year. Um, I remember distinctly how that salt in the wound felt last summer.

I was sad to learn that Rockstar Mommy packed up and left the blogosphere. I did not read her blog, but of course, knew about her. I seem to remember that she had issues with trolls and folks stealing her pics. I would imagine that would really take a toll on a person, not to mention all the time it must have taken dealing with that sort of crap. So, I do not blame her for shutting down. Still. I cannot imagine walking away from this and truthfully, I have had a huge existential blogging crisis lately. Why do I do this? Why do I care? Why do I spend so much of my free time on this? Why? Why? I still have not figured out the answers, but I do know that I cannot leave this yet.

In other fun news, I learned that Karen of the Naked Ovary is back! Her daughter Maya is doing awesome and Karen is pregnant and expecting another daughter in about 15 weeks!!! I was SO excited to see one of my favorite bloggers decided to come back. Now, if only I could twist Christine's arm - I so miss The Rabbit Lived. *Sniff*


Unknown said...

Am fairly writhing with jealousy over the fun you and Monkey will surely have this summer. Wish heartily I could go with you two.

Monkey McWearingChaps said... just love me for my broken asshole, admit it.

Can't wait to meet you both...and yes, you can leave her with me provided Miss Anju isn't completely repulsed by yours truly. You know, you ought to get on taking advantage of baby crazed friends before they squeeze out their own preshushness.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Blogher but can't see it happening this year. Perhaps they'll hold it in sunny Los Angeles one of these days?

Jenny said...

I really want to go, but I don't know if it will be in the cards. I wanted to last year, also, but it happened to be two weeks after our major amily vacation and I couldn't take that much time off. This year, I don't know. Its pricey, that NYC.

Diana said...

I for one, can't wait to hear of your travels to BlogHer! Cagey and Monkey take on SF and the convention! Better than being there, or at least cheaper.

As for Friday, I've noticed it, too, and am guilty of it, myself. For some reason, I'm just not in the bloggy mood on Fridays, which is odd, as I've usually some time to blog, then.