March 17, 2008

Where the hell are Max and Ruby's parents?

There is a picture of Max and Ruby's parents over the sofa, so they must be alive somewhere. But they are never even mentioned. Oh sure, you see Grandma - the lone bunny who represents the Responsible Adult Contingent for the wayward pair of bunnies known as "Max and Ruby", but let's face it - Grandma is a bit of a softie and is nearsighted to boot. She is waning in her twilight years and is is totally fooled by that scrap of a wench Ruby. Seriously - someone needs to step in and save the poor tortured soul that is Max. Cripes - that sadistic Ruby even takes credit for his work on her Bunny Scout projects. Someone needs to have her merit badges stripped, is all I'm sayin'. (On a serious note: I just totally love Max and Ruby. The 1940s decor and music really gets me. I hope Arun never grows tired of them, so I purposely try to space out his viewings based on that alone.)

HEY. I did get the swimsuit! I went with a red top and navy bottom situation in a desperate attempt to offset the whole Old Lady Swimsuit thing I now have going on. Man, oh man - I LOVE this swimsuit. I received it on Friday and took Arun to the pool on Saturday. For once, I did not feel a need to cover up in a burqa on my way to the pool from the dressing room. Should I mention that I am totally hot in it and that except for the fact that I actually eat food, I look just like the model? What? I DO. X said so (Dude, he knows what is Good For Him). In fact, I am so sexxy hott in my new Old Lady Swimsuit that you could fry an egg on my double digit ass. True. MILF that, sucker.


So, Little Miss Thang turned 8 months last week. She is really coming into her own personality-wise. She is easier going when it comes to sleep and such, but I am seeing such very strong signs of independence that I am seriously considering learning some Baby Signs to give her another tool for communication should her independent streak get too frustrating for her. I never, ever - not once - considered this for Arun, but I can see now where it may be useful to give Anjali an easier way to convey what she needs. I do not see her being such an easy-going toddler as Arun. Surely, lightening does not strike twice. I also think that Arun will have his work cut out for him because once Anju can stand up for her own self, he better watch out. Yikes. I almost feel sorry for him.

That said, I just adore her little personality. I am glad that she is showing some strong tendencies. I am just thrilled that she loves going places and seeing new things. She is always cautious but rarely scared or frightened of new people or situations.

Oh. Yeah. I do have another kid around here somewhere. Anyone who has great tips for photographing that rare, elusive creature known as "toddler" with Flash Gordonesque tendencies for avoiding flash photographing, assvice would be much appreciated and solicited at this point.

8 Months
All cheeks. All the time.

Car Baby
I took this picture because I simply adore the way her face lights up when she is in the car. She just loves getting in because she knows we will be going places.

Even after 8 months of this, we are still in awe of the fact that she will pass out just about anywhere. Obviously, I still feel the need to document it.

Point. Counter Point.
Yes, she grabs the nearby tomatoes. Yes, she bites into them. Yes, we are the worst parents ever.

She's a Doll
Again, the worst parents ever. In our defense, we did supervise this particular set of shenanigans.


caro said...

She's just adorable! Those cheeks! Those eyes!

Henny Penny said...

Oh, teh cute, teh cute! How do you not nibble on her perfect face all day?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Henny Penny,
Oh MY - I DO nibble on her cheeks all day. I have to be very careful to not give her hickies for that would be a tad creepy, no?

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. HECK. How do you live with that level of adorable, day in and day out? I think I would just pass out from the cuteness. You're a stronger gal than I, Cagey dear!

PS- Have no tips for photographing toddlers as I have the SAME PROBLEM.

Heza Hekele said...

I felt the need to document all the bizarre places my son would fall asleep until he was about four and a half. I am still amazed when people tell me their kids wake up when lifted from their carseats...

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I've had some of the same thoughts about Max and Ruby! And did love it...until my 4 year old started talking like Max. I decided it's not so cute to have the one child who can speak in polite, complete sentences start reverting to one word demands. So it's not allowed in our house right now.

Mamma Sarah said...

Danny and I have questioned several times where the adult or parents are... but I/we love Max and Ruby!

Your kids are incredibly adorable and I agree with Marilyn... how do you live day in and day out like that. Good luck photographing your toddler on the move... I've got that same problem going on!

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos... I think the one of her passed out cold might be my favorite though. It's just hilarious.

Christy said...

She is such a cutie! I can't believe she is 8 months old already.

Moderndayhermit said...

8 Months already?!?! Sheesh. She is so adorable! Arun and Anjali make the cutest little pair!

By the way, I do love that swimsuit. It's very nice, good suits are so pricey!

I wish I had some photography tips, I usually have to get my boy while he's mesmerized with something coloring, watching tv or eating dinner. Otherwise it is just me yelling, "Hey, Alex, look at me!...Hello! Hey! Stop! Where are you going?"

Diana said...

You know, I hear velcro and bungie cords are helpful with photographing the elusive toddler. Not that I would have used them. No.

Personally, I think Ruby 'offed' her parents so she could be Mom to poor Max without interference. I'd check the basement or under the roses.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Someday I want to see a picture of all three cats, Arun and Anju in one gigantice pile o' awesome.

Anonymous said...

So how was the sizing of the swimsuit? I'm torn between two sizes.

aibee said...

two words: duct tape


Me said...

Love the pics - her hair is just AWESOME (and the eyes, and cheeks, and little smirky smile)

For photos of the male toddlers, hide in the brush & catch them completely off guard, like you'd photograph wild game. 'Tis the only way.

We went through the same photo drought - and now that he likes to take photos, it's rare to get one that doesn't have his tongue sticking out.

I have had the SAME THOUGHTS about Max & Ruby. How the hell

Rozanne said...

Yay! Glad you got the suit. It's so liberating to have a suit you love and feel good about.

Super cute kid pix (as always!). Love the bow in Anjali's hair. Sweet.