July 17, 2007

How's your coochie?

Dorothy and I have been emailing and she asked me about my girly business - literally she types "How's your coochie?". What a friend! Jealous? Don't you wish she would ask YOU about YOUR coochie??? Back off, bitches. She only cares about MY coochie. NOT YOURS.

I've had a few folks ask how I am finding time to email and blog. The truth? It's like I only have one kid right now. I am taking care of Anjali, X is taking care of Arun. All I have to do is entertain Arun, which is fun. Last night, I laid on the floor to give my coochie a much needed break and I played cars with Arun, counted/stacked blocks with him, then read a tons of books with him. It's a hard knock life for me and my coochie. Truthfully, Kid #2 is WAY less of a culture shock than Kid #1. We are already in a cycle of naps, feedings, diaper changes, crying jags - we've just added another contestant. Rinse, repeat......

Unfortunately, just because I have the time to blog, I don't have much to write about. The nights are going well - she is only getting up once or twice. Since she is nursing like a champ during the day and has a good number of diapers, I am SO not waking her up in the night. With Arun, I was so paranoid because of the jaundice that I would set my alarm, but I am not doing that this time around.

In between breastfeeding sessions and diaper changes, I play with Arun, read a little, surf a little. I am being a very, very good girl this time around and am taking care of me and my coochie. I do have plans to leave the house on Thursday - the babysitter is coming by and I am going to take Anju to a coffee shop with me to knit and read for awhile. Friday night is the Harry Potter "thing" at Borders. I'm sure it will be no big deal and that it will merely be a teeny gathering of Hardcore Harry Fans. Right? I need to dig out my Halloween costume for it. If you happen to be in a Kansas City area Borders this Friday night and see a Professor McGonagall character whip out her boobs to feed her kid, that would be me. Swing on over and by and say hello! To me and my boobs!

Earlier today, I was discussing who I thought would die, X said "Well, it doesn't matter, right? The series is ending, right?" And then, I divorced him.

We nearly had an Unfortunate Incident concerning pictures. I took some absolutely BEAUTIFUL pics of Anju sleeping. As I was looking at them, deciding which one to post, I realized something. My nipple was prominently displayed in full glory in every. single. shot. I mean, I hate to use the word "crop" and "nipple" in the same sentence but Christ on Toast, I have standards! If I'm not actually getting paid to bare my nipples, you ain't seeing 'em for FREE. So, yeah. I'll need to "work" on those snaps before posting.

Life is a Gas

Milk Drunk

1 Week Chair Snap
Anjali's 1 Week Chair Snap. I take a picture of my kids every week for the first 12 Weeks, then every month thereafter for the first year. I HIGHLY recommend doing this in a consistent spot because it is really, really cool to see how much they grow in comparison to the chair. Towards the end, most of Arun's Chair Snaps were basically of him crawling OFF of it.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Reminds me so much of young Arun pics.

She looks like she's smiling. Preshush!

The Booblog has been an education, I'll say that. I really appreciate it that you're honest about stuff while still writing with the grand dame, Perspective.

Did you hear that HP 7 is already leaked online (JPEGS of every single page are on bittorrent). I am not turning on the TV. Rosie O'Donnell ruined Fight Club for me, I don't want some talk show host doing the same for HP.

I swear I will cry if any blogger I read goes ahead and spoils it. I'm turning off the internet till I'm done.

Oh, and yay for you and X working as a team for the tots.

meno said...

Hugs to your coochie!

Bethany said...

She is adorable.

I'm glad your coochie is doing well.

Anonymous said...

"and then I divorced him" Um. duh. Stupid people and there/they're not caring.

I was undecided on the correct there. there.

Onlythetruth said...

I also will probably be baring boobs at the Harry Potter fest except I won't be in costume, I am not nearly that dorky oops I meant cool :)

Tyler has that same green dress as Anjali although just comparing the 2 Tyler looks like a monster baby.

Glad you are taking good care of your cootchie, mine finally is feeling back to normal.


Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

My coochie is doing really, really well and appreciates your concern for her well being. My nipple, however, is pissed off that she missed her moment in the spotlight.

Jenny said...

Re: The Nip - All I can think of is when Amalah coined the term "crunchy toast-point nipples". Owie.

Re: The cooter - Honey? Dn't you have a boppy pillow? Forget using it to nurse. SIT on it. Ahhhhh.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Ironically, I am using a borrowed Boppy.


As much as she cares for my coochie, she probably doesn't want it near her Boppy.

Mamma Sarah said...

That is so nice of your friend to inquire about your coochie. My mom use to ask me all the time how the "girls" were doing (boobs). Cracked me up.

Glad to hear Anjali has slipped right into the rythm of your household. That's wonderful!

Moderndayhermit said...

I've always been curious about cooter condition after birthing a child in that natural way.

Not curious enough to get pregnant and try it out nor ask someone if I they'd be willing to undergo an inspection (*snicker*) but I think I'm pleased to have had a c-section. Ouch!

Diana said...

Of course you divorced X. There's just no defending a comment like that. I'm hoping that the judge has not allowed unsupervised visits until he goes through a 'program' and is enlightened.

Christy said...

I totally understand the nipple exposure thing. One day John and I were looking at all the old video footage of Porgie at the hospital. I was starting to blush at all my bare chest shots. In those first weeks, everything is basically boobs and babies.

Blondie said...

I'm so happy to know that my sister is concerned for your coochie. I am, too. Much love... to your coochie.

She is GORGEOUS!! I was looking at these photos at work yesterday and my coworker stopped and stared with glee. So pretty!!

Sister Big said...

I don't care if your coochie sits on my Boppy.


Lisa said...

Oh wow. She's beautiful. And what a cool idea to take her photo each week in the same spot -- to watch her grow.