July 14, 2007

If nobody buys a ticket to a movie do they still show it?

I am so incredibly jealous of all the folks who have seen the Harry Potter movie. Sure, I am hoping to see it in the next few weeks. But still.

The past few days have been rough. I am chronicling the early days of motherhood over at the BoobLog, and in accordance with the Official Rancid Raves Ick Free Policy I will probably spare you the gory details here. All the early motherhood entries over there can be found under the category of "Dear Diary". It's not that I won't still mommyblog over here, but seriously - do you really want to hear how I have cantaloupes in the fridge that were smaller than my breasts on Friday? Or that I have so much milk coming in that I could easily feed twins (or triplets)? Yeah - didn't think so.

I've often referred to this blog as my Happy Place and freely admit that my life here is most assuredly being viewed in soft focus. Sometimes, that's not a bad thing and it could be argued that it's just as healthy to simply pull the good out of your life and move on. Pollyanna I am not, but I'll admit she wasn't nearly as stupid or naive of a girl as she appeared to be. So, if you want to read the Ugly, go on over the BoobLog. Excuse me for a moment while I scoot my butt on over to my Happy Place...........

When Arun was first born, I felt as if I was floating on Cloud 9 for the first few weeks - the first night he was born, I had trouble sleeping because I was so excited and high on adrenaline. It's the same all over again and overall, I am definitely floating pretty fucking high right now. Mix in a healthy does of post-natal hormones and let's say "highs and lows" don't even BEGIN to describe it. Arun is pretty whiny when he gets bored, but for the most part is just being adorable. ADORABLE. And the way he says "bee-bee" - he says it in a high-pitched squeaky voice that melts me every time. He's still in awe of Anjali and attempts to "share" with her. Unfortunately, this means she's already gotten bonked with a baby doll, a book, a dinosaur puppet and a toy eel. But hey, it's still better than an actual FIST, right? Oh, and he tried to feed her a piece of his precious "bap-pull" (apple), so um. Yeah. We are keeping a close eye on him. Talk about killing with kindness. Get the girl a helmet, eh?

And Anjali? SO SWEET. Aren't all newborns, though? I am trying really hard to lay low and not do too much - with Arun I did too much in the beginning and hurt myself. It took a good 4-5 weeks before I completely healed and I am not really hip with going through THAT again. So, I am laying around like a slug these days which allows me ample opportunity to just hold Anju on my chest and let her head get all sweaty. Bliss. Update: I wrote this draft Saturday morning. Then in the evening I got this GREAT idea that we would all go to the park where I would sit on a bench and hold Anjali while enjoying fresh air and the sight of my precious boy playing with his father. You know - one of those memories you write lovingly in Sorority Girl script for the baby book. Yeah. That lasted all of 5 minutes before I hobbled back to the car in defeat. I had no business putting my Girly Bidness on a hard, wooden bench. I am such a fucking idiot.

While it's awesome that Arun is cuh-RAZY about Anjali and has no jealousy, the biggest problem we are facing is boredom and teething. X is on top of things with getting him out and about, but X is spreading thin quickly because he's still working full force on the Big Idea at the same time. A few months back, I did scour garage sales and clearance racks for some new toys to lob at Arun in desperation - I spent a total of like 25 bucks and it's been worth every penny. I had also read that for older kids, it's nice to give them a little gift and say "it's from the baby". So, I did find a very cool wooden train set for $15 and said it was from Anju. Of course, he doesn't get it, but it has been nice that he has something new to occupy him. It has been hard to not react strongly when he almost hits her with something, but I am trying hard to keep my screeching in check. I can see a situation quickly escalating where he could easily ascertain that it would be a spectacular way to push my buttons or get my attention. I'd rather not go there, if possible.

The worst right now is that Arun has his last 2 teeth cutting through. So - his mama disappears for a few days, THEN brings home a new kid while daddy is taking care of him 24/7 and to boot, he's running low grade fevers intermittently. If you can swing it, I definitely recommend NOT having a new baby while your toddler is teething. What's worrisome, is that he has been in a total Daddy Phase for several months, but now it has a reached a fever pitch. For example, Arun doesn't care if I hold Anjali, but he gets very distraught when X holds her. We are a little concerned with what's going to happen when X starts going back to work and GOD, goes on a business trip.

Finally - a reminder. The Cerebral Venus Online Book Club is discussing the new Harry Potter book on August 6th.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm not sure whether this post was supposed to have any grand meaning, but I'll just move to good stuff.

Simian snaps. New n' improved with TWICE the amount of Cute!


Uh Oh.

Sweetness Incarnate


Kiss, Kiss


Committed. The Baby Straight Jacket



aibee said...

There are no words, cagey.

She's absolutely beautiful, and Arun's gorgeous self makes my heart swell with vicarious pride.

*wiping yet another emotional tear from my eye*

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Those are two of the prettiest kids I've ever seen. Why am I not surprised Arun is taking to her well? He seems so sweet-tempered from everything you write about him.

I'm so happy for you, dude. I hope you feel better soon, though.

By the way-she's looking really healthy and alert...I would not have guessed she's just days old.

Onlythetruth said...

Those are some damn good looking kids and I agree that Anjali looks so much older than a few days.

I am just so happy for you and can't wait to see the new youngin.


Christy said...

Looking at your beautiful baby makes me want to cry. I can't believe I am going to have a new little bundles in a few months.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Leah said...

You and X make ridiculously adorable children.

Anonymous said...

holy cute baby batman. Adorable pictures@!!!!

Shalini said...

Aw.....Anjukutty. You're melting my Malayalee heart with that.

CPA Mom said...

Thanks for making my day, once again "cagey"! I love pictures of your babies. They are so cute.

Don't hate me because I saw Harry Potter last night.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I forgot that you would get the "Anjukutty"!

Everyone else,
It's a term of endearment to add "kutty" at the end of someone's name. It's pronounced "koo-thee" where the "t" is a very soft "t" pronounced using your tongue lightly at the back of your teeth. This would be as opposed to using your tongue at the top of your palate when saying the English word "cootie".

stephanie said...

Ack, they are so damn adorable! I love the kissy pic and also the one right after. Arun looks like such a proud big brother.


Mamma Sarah said...

She is a total babe!!!

Rozanne said...

Wow. Double the cuteness for sure.

It's great that Arun is so thrilled with his new little sister.

metalia said...

She is SO beautiful. Congratulations!!

Moderndayhermit said...

How adorable! *sigh*