July 3, 2007

So, when do you think you'll have that baby?

That is the $64,000 question and my answer is "I have no earthly idea." None. Nada. Zip.

My doctor's appointment today didn't reveal much, either. I have gained 19.5 lbs and am still sporting no stretchmarks. Although, oddly enough, the few I got on my hips from gaining weight after quitting the cigs are showing up a little more. Weird. I still swear it is the flaxseed oil because I can't figure out for the life of me why I would get stretch marks on my hips from a weight gain, but not ANY on my big ole baby belly that has been stretched to the very max not once, but TWICE now.

So, we did schedule for me to be induced on Monday, July9th. If Anjali doesn't show the whites of her eyes by then, I will be waddling my fat ass to the hospital bright n' early Monday morning to get the process started. I am not excited about being induced and do hope that she comes on her own naturally. However, in the end, all I care about is that I have a healthy baby.

In meantime, I am knitting a storm, backing up computer files and editing video footage that has been lingering for 6 months. I wish I could have a baby twice a year - think of how much I could get done with all this nesting shit going on!

So, MLE of Pantolones del Fuego fame is zipping through Kansas City with Hulk on her way to meet Eek! - we are going to meet for breakfast tomorrow and I am very excited. I've always claimed to not be too vain -I love a good shampoo and an expensive handbag, but all my Real Life friends can attest that I don't garner much fashionable results with either since I can't give up my penchant for cheap shoes, drugstore makeup and my hatred for a hairdryer. However, I think this meeting PROVES the lack of vanity on my part. Seriously - I am just about 8 lbs shy of my heaviest weight EVER, yet am still willing to meet someone for the first time?

Finally, I am so jealous that MLE is roadtripping, that I dedicated today's BoobLog post to it - I am taking a break from the "All Boobies, All the Time" format and am just posting about me this week. Today, I posted about my undying love for roadtrips. Fascinating, I KNOW.


Average Jane said...

I keep tellin' ya - it's going to be the 7th.

Say hi to Pantalones del Fuego for me! :)

Onlythetruth said...

When I got to this point with Tyler I quit telling people my due date and just started saying any day now.

I know I owe you a phone call and I am so sorry I haven't gotten back to you, things have been crazy the past couple of days. If I don't get a chance to talk to you - I wish you an easy delivery and healthy baby and I cannot wait to see pics of the baby.

Happy 4th Cagey!!!

Heza Hekele said...

4th of July would be a pretty cool birthday in your corner of the world...I'm voting for that day! Good luck to you!

Rozanne said...

Maybe all the fireworks will arouse her curiosity to be out in the world?

Anyway, I hope she comes sometime before the 9th.

Unknown said...

Best wishes for a quick, non-induced, painless delivery and a happy healthy little Anjali.

Moderndayhermit said...

I, too wish it won't be necessary to go the induction route and that Anjali gets impatient to let her presence be known sooner than later.

I'll be thinking of you, dear, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Diana said...

I love meeting blog friends!

Happy 4th!

Come on, Anjali. You know you're curious to know what's going on out here.

Christy said...

When I was pregnant with Porgie, my water broke but I never started contracting. So, eventually they started me on Pitocin. That is some strong shit. I am hoping that your little girl comes naturally - for your sake.

Good luck!

Chastity said...

Stretch marks are a weird thing. I didn't get any during pregnancy, but ones I already had on my boobs, which were never terribly large, turned bright purple during pregnancy and took about nine or ten months after that to fade. But, rest assured, they'll fade for you too :).

Lisa said...

You like drugstore makeup and cheap shoes too? I think we could be great friends (and have alot of fun shopping) if we lived next to each other. :-)