July 1, 2007

When are you due?

This is my FAVORITE question right now. No, seriously. Last week, I loved saying "Next week!" and this week, I relish saying "Friday!" The look on people's faces is priceless when they say "Really?" It sorta makes up for all those times in February when folks said "Really? THAT LONG?"

I also like the "How are you feeling?" question. I'm actually feeling pretty good - very tired, very uncomfortable, which is par for the course in this game. Ironically, I feel better now than I did during my entire 2nd trimester. So, I can't complain about being uncomfortable because that still beats a chest infection.

The weekend has been great - I've been on a tear getting things done around the house. Car is officially detailed - all surfaces have been freshly cleaned with Armor All or Windex - NewKid better appreciate it, dammit. I did it FOR HER. Now, she can see clearly through the windows. I figured she'd need all the help she could get with those little cross-eyed peepers she'll probably be sportin'. I've also seen just about everyone I could see before this kid makes her debut. I missed a few folks who were in from out of town, but it was really due to their schedule and there was nothing I could do about it. This is why I was so stressed 2 weeks ago - trying to fit in out-of-town visitors and such. I'm almost done with projects at home - I finally figured out a good archival system for the digital photos, so I will get to work on that today and I am actually excited about that.

Oddly enough, I have been really, really into knitting lately. It's sort of like an alcoholic stocking up their mini-bar and buying a new set of martini glasses. What's the point? I'm staring down a shotgun barrel of No Knitting for the next month, so it's amusing that NOW, I am totally getting into it. Whatever.

Posting will be light this week because of the holidays. If anything happens in the NewKid arena, I will most definitely post. However, in the meantime, No Posts = No NewKid. Personally, I LOVE Independence Day - it holds no familial obligations, no gifts, no decorations. As a special bonus, no extravagant meals must be cooked or consumed. Just a lazy day. The best kind, in my book.

Arun has been so much fun lately. He's talking a storm and like all toddlers, makes up his own damned context for words and if you don't get it, then you are the fool. I think one reason why he and I are getting along so well lately is that I've realized that I understand some of his persnickety behaviour. If something drops on the floor, of course, it has to be picked up before he can continue eating. Hello! Common sense. If a cabinet door isn't shut all the way, of course, it has to be shut before he can continue on his way. Hello! Common sense. If a lid has to be screwed on properly, or a piece of trash picked up immediately or a spill wiped just so...... well..... Hello! Common sense. I dig it.

However, I'm not sure what this says about me

What a Lug with his Smug Mug

X Has a Monkey on His Back


Moderndayhermit said...

Wow. Friday?! Time flies when you're not the one who is pregnant.

Complain away, you deserve it. Carrying another human being around gives certain privileges in my book.

Have a great holiday!

meno said...

This is classic nesting behavior! I am excited for you.

A. Nonny Mouse said...

I have been loving the "when are you due" question, too. Mostly because people's eyes get really big when I tell them X days. I must not look 38 weeks pregnant. One lady said she didn't even notice I was pregnant until I touched my belly and referenced the impending arrival.

Good luck to you!! I'll be thinking about you and hoping that Anjali arrives when you requested. :)

Dooneybug said...

Man, I can't stand answering the "how are you feeling" question. I get asked that several times a day and it is soooo irritating.

How do you think? I have a 13 month old and am 8 months pregnant. I'm tired people, tired.

alyndabear said...

If you REALLY want to spice your answer up, you could tell them you're due on Saturday.. in Australia time.. ;)

girlfiend said...

You must be nesting if knitting's appealing in the summer.

(I write the kids dish blog)