July 11, 2007

Isn't she lovely?


A post in bullets.

  • There is no photography or video of the "blessed event". Jesus didn't record his miracles and I don't record mine.
  • No detailed birth story is forthcoming. I don't like reading them myself - I usually skip to the end because that's where the good stuff begins anyway. The short story is this: on Monday, around 3pm, we were watching our HBO lineup when I started getting irregular contractions. By the time we were watching the Flight of the Conchords, they were strong and regular. Um, it is NOT fun to sit and giggle through painful contractions so I couldn't even finish the episode (have you SEEN Flight of the Conchords. Why not? "these lyrics are bottomless!" and hilarious!!!) Anyway, we ended up going to the hospital by 6pm and obviously, there was no induction needed. Yes, the labor was "fast", but it turned out that it HAD to be. At one point, her heart tones were of a concern and another OB was consulted to come in for a c-section. I pushed for dear life because I knew the other OB was on her way and I did NOT want a c-section. I even pushed between contractions which is about 3 times harder than during. Fortunately, I was able to get her out in time. The end. Sure, there was more and it was very scary, but really all that matters is that everyone is okay. It's best not to dwell on what could have happened, right?
  • It wasn't all doom and gloom. After the birth, my doctor and I compared knitting. I had brought mine since I had packed for an induction, not a full-on labor outta the gate. My doc is a very experienced knitter so I ran my new blanket design by her with what I had completed so far and she agreed that it would work. Before things had gotten "serious", she had brought in her knitting earlier when I wasn't progressing fast enough in the superstition that I would "get going" and she wouldn't have time to knit. Superstitions aren't always bad because it worked.
  • Visitors - I had to laugh because literally, ALL my visitors (save for Mojavi who came the next day) came at the VERY SAME TIME. And then, I had no visitors. Which yep, was boring, but I used that time to nap and recuperate. And enjoy hot oil massages from hot male nurses between spa treatments, of course.
  • Arun is doing really well! He is fascinated with the "bee-bee" and loved that she has toes, too - he "counted" them just as he does his own. One time when he came to the hospital, she wasn't in the room yet and he was very concerned with where the "bee-bee" was. However, the first night home last night was hard because his last two teeth are coming in - we had a Greek chorus of crying kids last night and we are all pretty tired this morning.
  • Anjali is doing really well - we are on Jaundice Watch 2007, which REALLY sucks ass, but hopefully she will kick it earlier than Arun. She is a gold-medal champion when it comes to nursing, so I do think she will do better with it. Everything is pretty typical right now - I am sore as hell from pushing like a madwoman and tired from night feedings. However, Anju is so, so snuggly and settles right now down when held. All of this is SO temporary - the pain, the no sleeping and the snuggling. I'd rather concentrate on the fun stuff.
  • Damn. It is hard letting go of my Type A Tendencies. The house is a complete mess and I kid you not - courtesy of his dad, Arun is wearing a 12 month sized STRIPED shirt with pair of PLAID shorts . That aren't even the same color. I did clean the kitchen as part of my "minimum" and am trying to not look at everything else.
  • In other news - is anyone else irritated by Merriam-Webster's announcement they are going to start including "ginormous" in their dictionaries? I understand "sudoku" and "speed dating", but "ginormous"? How about "ridonkulous" while they are at it? I can't wait to break that out the next time I play Scrabble. Also, is anyone else pissed off that Chertoff is declaring we are at a higher risk for terrorist attacks based on his "gut feeling" and no sound facts? My "gut feeling" is that Chertoff's motives stink of political motivation.
  • Finally, thank you - thank you for all the awesome comments!

Very concerned that the "bee-bee" is crying

Bug-Eyed #1

Bug-Eyed #2

Little vampire.
Sleeping. Because, the SUN is still up.


Moderndayhermit said...

She is absolutely stunning, I don't think she looks squishy at all!

I'm so glad that Arun has taken to her.

My ovaries are on high alert over here thanks to these beautiful photos, haha.

Shalini said...

Congratulations!!! She's beautiful, such big eyes. So happy to hear that everyone is safe and healthy.

And damn, now I want another little demi-desi!!

Chelle said...

She is gorgeous. And Arun is adorable. You make good babies :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The gemstone eye gene must be dominant in one or both of you.

She doesn't look squashy at all. More like "PSYCH! Gotcha Mama...here I am!"

LOVE Arun's expression.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, she is so pretty!

stephanie said...

You sure do make some darn cute kiddos. :-)

(Also, LOVE Flight of the Conchords. I was checking out some of their older stuff on You Tube last night instead of studying for the bar. Oops.)


MLE said...

What a beautiful baby! Man, you and X make gorgeous children. (Dan said to me in the car after we met up with you guys that Arun was probably the most attractive kid he'd ever seen. I had to agree. And now you've gone and made another one!)

Leah said...

She is GORGEOUS. Almost (*almost*) makes me less horrified about ever getting pregant again.

Flight of the Conchords is the funniest show on TV. The robot song! "The humans are dead! I poked one, it was dead! Binary solo! zero zero zero zero zero zero one..."

Leah said...

P.S. My "gut feeling" is that Chertoff is a Jerk-off. HA HA HA HA HA I AM SO FUNNY! But seriously.

caro said...

Aaaww. She's beautiful. Congratulations!

Tina Miles said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Christy said...

She is beautiful. Congratulations Cagey!

Dee said...

I think I actually felt my ovaries jumping around when I saw that first picture. She is so beautiful. She makes me want to have another one even more than I did already (if that is possible!).

Me said...

Oh, she's gorgeous! Can't wait to meet her.

Big congrats, and I am awed and amazed that you are staying so positive and upbeat seeing that I know you have to be reaching the upper levels of zombiedom.

And, I feel you on the striped pants & plaid shorts. Daddies are good help, but cannot seem to coordinate clothes worth a damn.

Mojavi said...

seriously... she is absolutely beautiful!!

Onlythetruth said...

OMG she is beautiful, I have to agree that you and X make some damn good looking kiddos! Audrey thinks so as well!

My funniest story after I brought Abby home - I was nursing Abby and Audrey came over and pulled Abby's head back and said "No No my Mommy NO BITE" I still think it is funny.

Mr Fly went on a rampage about ginormous as well and has declared that he is no longer sure if he will ever trust the dictionary again which made me chuckle loudly.

I will be in touch next week to see the cutie pie in person and also supply you with wine and cookies.


Marilyn said...

She is simply ADORABLE. Thanks for posting a picture of her for us. That's just what I needed. :)

Min-tea said...

The eyes! The hair! Oh so cute and adorable.

Dooneybug said...

She's truly a very beautiful baby!! She reminds me a lot of my friend's daughter. Glad to hear everything worked out in the end and all are safe and healthy!

When you wrote "ridonkulous" it made me think of "badonkadonk". Now that would be an interesting dictionary addition!

CPA Mom said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Both of your children. You definitely have the right "recipe!" And you nailed Chertoff's motivation, I think. In a "ginormous" fashion. Teehee

p.s. watch your mailbox!

Rozanne said...

I cannot believe that you've written a full-scale blog entry already!

Over achiever!

Seriously, Anjali is gorgeous and looks very alert and focused. She looks way older than a newborn. I think I remember the same was true for Arun.

Speaking of. I'm glad he's cool with the new bee-bee.

P.S. I love the little bow in her hair.

MB said...

What ginormous beautiful eyes! She looks like a doll, not like a squished newborn.

Alyndabear said...

Both kidlets looking adorable, of course. You have a gorgeous family!

Anonymous said...

Finally! Adoring public with out pictures of new offspring for inappropriately evil length of time.

So cute.

Diana said...

How do you squeeze out a baby that unbelievably beautiful? Where's the cone head? Photoshopped?

Seriously. That is one very pretty baby. I'm so glad things are going so well on most fronts. Just sit in your house with your peepers glued firmly on the progeny and try to fade the rest into the background.

Heza Hekele said...

She's Beautiful!

Bethany said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations to you all.

Unknown said...

She's gorgeous! Congrats to you all!

Jenn said...

Congrats!!! She's adorable for such a little baby! Doesn't looked squished up at all!
And she looks just like Arun!!

Too cute, I'll be waiting for all the little tips on what it's like to have a newborn and a (almost) two year old. =)