July 8, 2007

Hi, may I take your order?

Apparently, my induction was scheduled for 7 PM which is significantly, completely and utterly different than AM.

Specifically, one is in the MORNING and the other is in the EVENING.

Now that I am done freaking out and we have figured out who is going to take care of Arun tonight and tomorrow because in other news, our plans for him fell through, I am doing okay.

Actually, I'm lying. My shit is totally freaked out.


Recycled from the BoobLog because I am a lazy bitch. Who happens to be giving birth sometime in the near future. Or something like that. Bah.

I am getting induced bright n' early tomorrow morning. Arun has already been informed that his contract for the position of Head Honcho is up for renegotiation and that his new terms aren't looking so hot.

In the meantime, let me entertain you with a thrilling tale of exactly how stupid I can be.

Friday, 7/6/07 - Anjali's Due Date
With no baby imminently showing the whites of her eyes that night, I thought that I would splurge and get a vanilla malt. I love malts and HATE milkshakes - but I rarely get malts because they are what? A squillion calories or something? Anyway..... So, I go to Sheriden's then drive merrily on my way home. I pull into the garage, reach for the malt and it's not there. I realized with a slight horror what I had done. I had basically chucked a $20 bill at the kid in the drive-thru window at Sheriden's - then, I drove off. DUDE. I didn't even get my change, much less my malt. So, yeah. I sheepishly drove back to Sheriden's to retrieve my money and malt. Sadly, they were fresh out of Dignity and Pride.

I may not have birthed a baby on my due date Friday, but apparently I birthed my brain.

However. There's even more.


Innernets, I ask of you - - - What's HIS excuse??

Talk amongst yourself.


the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

Hah Hah! What fun stuff.
Good luck on the induction tomorrow! I had my little boy two weeks ago after being induced. LOVE that pitocin stuff. For me, the second time around was so much easier. I guess my body knew what to do this time and it only took 12 hours this time instead of 24! Eat well tonight!
They wanna starve a girl the night before or something!

Average Jane said...

It sounds like X is prepping for a couple of days of standing back and staying out of your way.

elizasmom said...

That? Is funny. Glad they were nice to you and gave you your change and malt anyway!

Good luck with the induction! Fingers crossed for short and pain-free!

Carrie said...

Snicker, snicker! I hope you teased him about it on the way home!

Happy baby birthing!

Moderndayhermit said...

Good luck! I hope she arrives quickly, I can't wait to see her :).

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Ugh. So sorry about the plans and best of luck for the induction tonight.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaack! Good luck. And tell the doctor I'm still mad at him for not inducing you on 7/7.

I know. I need to move on.

meno said...

YOu may be freaked out and brainless, but i am excited for you.

Good luck!

Average Jane said...

That seems like a really weird time to schedule someone for induction, but what do I know? Have X call me as soon as there's news.

stephanie said...

Hahaha! Sadly, that's something I would totally do not pregnant.

Good luck tonight! Can't wait to meet Anjali!

Dee said...

7:00 PM? That does seem a bit odd. Best of luck to you, Anjali, and the rest of the family. I hope all goes smoothly. Can't wait to see pictures of your new daughter!

Anonymous said...

Laughing so hard I may have hurt myself, but then again, I've been there. ONly I left my debit card. Uh yeah. I wasn't pregnant but Wah was very young and there was another person in the car..what is there excuse? EVen worse I breastfed in the parking lot of DQ for twenty minutes...then drove away!!!

Christy said...

I would have totally thought that the induction had to be at 7 am too. Weird time.

Good luck. I'll be checking your blog continously for pictures of your sweet baby girl.

Mojavi said...

that shit is hilarious! YOu should have just made X go get it for you and then rubbed your feet for making you wait for your malt ... lol

Beth Aguilera said...

I was induced at 7am, so I would have assumed they wanted to do it first thing in the morning, but there you go. I know a number of people who were induced in the evening, particularly if they needed to do the suppository before Pitocin (TMI?). But I'm sure it was stressful and frustrating. Good luck. Will there be a quick Twit when she arrives?

MLE said...

Woo! I'm so excited for you, X, and Arun to meet Anjali!

(and it was so nice to meet you last week! Thanks for coming out to hang out with us!)

Diana said...

Very good luck!!!

Alyndabear said...

Gaaaah what a pain with the mixup - but I'm thinking of you & family. xo

Onlythetruth said...

About a week before I had Tyler I got cash back on my debit card to give the older girls their allowance and walked out of the store without the cash or my card and didn't remember until the store called with both.

Your induction is starting any minute now, I will be checking in periodically to see if Anjali has made her appearance yet - good luck, I am sending easy labor thoughts your way!!!

Flybunny (still have not been able to figure out how to not have to use the blogger account)

MB said...

Awesome news! Can't wait to see pictures.

(They often induce at night to give you the cervical gel to soften your cervix overnight, then crank on the Pitocin in the morning. And because spending even more time in a hospital is so much fun.)