February 5, 2007

Whoa. When did that happen?

I noticed the Oscar nominations with barely a passing glance. At this point, I have so many other things I'd rather do in my precious Kid Free Time that sitting slackjawed in a movie theatre for 2 hours isn't one of them. Particularly, when I can sit slackjawed at home snuggled in my couch and watch a movie on the Ridiculous TV in quiet comfort. The bonus is not having to deal with the Rudies - teenagers, cellphones, and people who think their toddler really should run up and down the aisle during an adult movie. So, I DO love movies, I'd rather watch them at home (except for favorites such as Harry Potter and Wallace and Gromit). However, the problem with the Oscars is that so many of the movies are recent, they aren't in DVD yet. Therefore, I am way outta the loop come awards time. Okay. Fine. Whatever. My opinion didn't count anyway and I am well aware of that

But. I noticed the tide turned musically. It used to be that I was pretty clueless with current music. My iTunes was stocked full of my favorites but most of it was rather old, unless an artist I was already familiar with released something new. Oh sure, I would listen to FM radio, but I could never catch the who the artist was, so I was clueless. Fairly soon after Arun was born, we got the Ridiculous Car which came with XM radio. We've been happily enjoying it since, but I hadn't thought much of it. The other day I heard an ad for the Grammys and realized that I was actually familiar with quite a few of the artists and songs nominated this year. Enough that I may very well be watching it this Sunday. Weird.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

These days I go to the movies just to get out of the house but when I was living with my parents...no point. I mean, huge, lovely big-screen tv. The only reason to go is something like Harry Potter or LOTR where you really want to see it big BIG screen.

Don't even get me started...they have some sort of device with a mini-keyboard now or something? The people keep im-ing each other through the movie on it...so there's no sound but you can see a blue glow from certain seats. It pretty much lessened the experience of seeing Pan's Labyrinth for me.

I'll stop now before I get too bitter. L.A. is not going to win any theatre politesse awards anytime soon.

Goofy Girl said...

This is a funny side effect of being a parent that I've noticed too. You know longer have control of long (Read: 2+-hour) stretches of time for things like movies in the theatre. So the DVD rules (after 8:30pm, please), as does the quick-hit of music.

I've also found that I'm devouring books like crazy (as usual), but in the audio format, rather than manual (visual?) reading of them.

Goofy Junior knows that Mommy likes books read to her, just like he likes books read to him. I am a good role model or what? Hee!